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Party Of Five…

by Bill Sweeney
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 Caleb Reed 3-13

Well, it happened…Caleb Reed Sweeney, born 7:29AM on 2/16/13. What a day…truly wonderful.  It was a long road to haul, what with the 16 weeks of bedrest and the labor fits and starts. At the time it seemed like forever, that it would never end.  Looking back, we made it through relatively unscathed and so much the better for it. Truly worth every hardship and every minute. I think I can safely say I speak for Vera on this as well. She was great, a real trooper the whole time. I’m very grateful for that.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a newborn to hold, rock, feed, burp, diaper change, lose sleep over. And it’s that much sweeter because of it. Was it nice to have the first two kids 25 mos apart…for sure, they are great buddies now. Is it also great to have a little one that’s almost like an only child, since the others are in school all day, play dates, sports, etc…absolutely! Totally different experience than before, and one that we will do out damnedest to enjoy…even when you’re a little delirious and a little pissy at 4AM.

I still don’t think it’s completely set in that I have a wife, 3 kids, and 2 dogs to worry about, but I’m sure it will hit full steam, full brunt very soon…once the shock and awe of the whole thing has waned a bit and we get into a more normal (new normal, not normal??) routine. I guess until then, I will be enjoying my time with the little one, seeing how is big brother and sister (and mother) swoon over him, mauling each other to see, play, hold, and love him.

I guess I can’t complain too much about any of that…

Sweeney Party of 5 3-13 - 1st Pic

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