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Put Me In Coach?

At one point, I was pretty good at sports. I could hold my own in baseball, basketball, swimming, football, etc. I was legend in my own mind, and a damn good mind I be having. A neighbor from up the block just asked me if I wanted to play in the 35 and older baseball team in my town. First of all, I’m 33, but I guess I look like I’d be so good that they will try to bend the steelcage-like rules to let me get a rip. Second of all, I haven’t hit a baseball in a MINIMUM of a dozen years, and I think that’s lowballing. Third of all, do I want to go the cage, take some hacks, play every Sunday, and risk my ass after all these years? I’m completely on the fence and am not sure what I should do. It sounds fun at first blush, but then again, so does marriage if you know what I mean.

I’ll have to mull this over and see what I come up with. Is this something I really want to commit to? I mean, I could become best buddies with these guys over beers and cigars, at least Coke Zeros and Pop Chips. Does anyone else play in these types of leagues…and live to talk about it??

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By Bill Sweeney

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