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Relief…Liam’s Appendectomy Was A Success And He’s Home


Liam Appendectomy 2014 Collage

Well, after all that stress, it all worked out in the end, thank God. Liam’s appendectomy went as well as we all hoped it would. We went in this morning, hung around for about 2 hours and by 2PM we were home. Crazy. I thought maybe 6 or 7PM. They were happy with how it went and how he was acting after he woke up. Very clean procedure. I guess the course of treatment and timing of the surgery was spot on. Thank goodness we are so close to good doctors and hospitals. He’s in good shape and good spirits. He’s taking it easy for a few days, no gym, etc. for 3 weeks, but we’ll take it. He can play the iPad for the first time in weeks (since he ran up that $766 in-app purchase blowout bill), so that made the last few days, this morning, and today a whole lot easier to stomach. I also set up the Xbox in our room…so…he’s ok. The hospital, doctors, and nurses were awesome. It’s as good an experience as we could have hoped for. Now, we just wait and see how he reacts, cures, etc. Hope this next week is as good as today was. We shall see, but thanks so much to everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and well wishing.

It all worked out. He was really good, seriously, the entire week leading up to this, this morning, at the surgery, going in, coming out, coming home. I’m really proud of the kid…he really was awesome. It made it so much easier for us to handle. Now we can get back to the normal chaos. Thank God.

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