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Saks Tarting Up Prom Night?

by Bill Sweeney

New York Post image via Racked.com

What’s up with these dresses people are letting their daughters go out of the house with for prom night? As far as I can predict, I don’t even want my daughter going to prom night without a chastity belt, GPS, and dopey-date-cam on. Can people really be so ridiculous as to let their daughters, their little girls, go out of the house like this??? On top of that, the things are almost $400 a pop! Great, more money, less fabric. What’s the cost per square inch of this thing? Maybe it’s on a dollar per cheap sequin basis?

Racked NY

And this from the NY Post. Is this supposed to impress me as being some kind of groundbreaking safeguard? Ahhh…the future of America, people. Breath the stench in.

At Christopher Columbus HS in The Bronx, Principal Lisa Maffei-Fuentes inspects every dress herself.

“I check all of the dresses to make sure their body parts are covered,” Maffei-Fuentes said. “They’re not allowed to wear anything where their breasts are exposed. It can’t be very short, and their rear ends can’t be exposed.”

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