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Sir Wylde: America’s Gentleman, British Style, American Made

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I’ve mentioned that 2016 is a year for me to improve. Improve my health, my family life, and my style. It’s a big nut but you have to shoot high, right? As part of my style re-make, I really want to find more ways to incorporate ties into the mix. A tie is a classic for a man that really finishes a proper look. It gives you a feeling of gravitas I think an open collar (or no collar) just doesn’t. Ties, like socks, pocket squares, and watches are the best ways for men to show off their style and differentiate their look. A man can really let his personality show.

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One new tie company I came across that I’m really loving is Sir Wylde, America’s Gentleman. These high-quality handmade neckties and bow ties are made for America’s Gentlemen, and I’m loving them.

Sir Wylde Ben Steele

A few years ago the founder, Benjamin Steele, was living in Wylde Green England as a missionary for his church. Living among the British people opened his eyes to the world of fashion. European fashion fully captures the look of a dapper gentleman. We’re talking slim fit suits, fitted shirts, pointed shoes, patterned dress socks and unforgettable neckties. It can be very difficult and pricey to find similar fashion easily available here in America.

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As soon as Ben returned home, he began working to bring the unique fashion he witnessed in the United Kingdom to American soil. It was quite the adventure. Being completely new to the industry, after much trial and error, he taught himself how to sew the perfect necktie. Not only did he want to create a good product, but also an inspirational brand that reeked of beautiful class and style, but also one that held true to the American country he loves.

These are truly very slick, very dapper styles that will make your suit/shirt pop and stand out from teh crowd. Check out some of the flavor:

Sir Wylde Tie Collage

Now, take a look at the runaway success of the Kickstarter campaign with the main goal of transitioning manufacturing to New York. You know I have to really support that!!! In just 23 hours, the campaign was fully funded. Now a week later, we are at 152% funded and still growing.

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Shop here for these great ties, MSRP $68. A deal for a fine product MADE IN AMERICA!

Inspired by England, handmade in America.

To find out more, please check out:

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Photos courtesy of Sir Wylde’s website and Instagram page.

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