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Get Ready In A Snap: Snap For Him Fragrance Gets You Smelling Fresh

by Bill Sweeney

Snap For Him Hand

You’re in a rush and you need to pick up your smell game. The time is fleeting and you have to get going. You want to make sure all is right with the world. You need to have something that will smell great and make you feel amazing…in an easily totable package. You need some Snap Fragrance.

Snap for Him has three fragrances that will compliment any man and includes invigorating and fresh scents. Whether you’re looking for something sporty, classic, or fresh, Snap has got you covered.

The key for me is not only the fragrance, which is dope, but the package. It’s awesome. Small and discreet, it’s perfect for your pocket. No need to worry about the scent fading or you sweating it away on the train. It’s there, waiting for you when you need it.

Check out the three scents below:

snap perfume 1





Snap / 1 For Him

  • A crisp sporty scent that celebrates his masculinity.
  • Its mint/mandarin freshness rejuvenates him throughout an active day.

Top Note

  • Spicy Freshness
  • Fresh Mint, Italian Mandarin Caribbean Lime, Black Pepper

Heart Note

  • Combination of Nature
  • Sri Lankan Cinnamon, Spanish Lavender, Wild Orchid, Lily of the Valley

Base Note

  • Rejuvenating Uniqueness
  • Brazilian Tonka, East Indian Sandalwood, Zesty Vanilla

Price: $14.99 online via www.snapperfume.com/shop/


snap perfume 2


Snap / 7 For Him

  • For the man who has everything- but wants a little bit more.

Top Note

  • Aromatic Warmth
  • Bergamot Orange, Birch Tree Leaves, African Violet Leaves, Black Pepper

Heart Note

  • Subtle Floral Nature
  • Spanish Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Sweet Iris, Jasmine

Base Note

  • Classic Woodiness
  • East Indian Sandalwood, Hearty Cedarwood, Egyptian

Price: $14.99 online via www.snapperfume.com/shop/



snap perfume 3





Snap / 88 For Him

  • From the boardroom to a night on the town.

Top Note

  • Explosive Zest
  • Fresh Mint, Moroccan Cumin, Far East Ginger, Arabian Cardamom

Heart Note

  • Spicy Floral Nature
  • Pink Pepper, Black Pepper, Wild Orchid, Jasmine

Base Note

  • Natural Confidence
  • Hearty Cedarwood, Brazilian Tonka, Zesty Vanilla

Price: $14.99 online via www.snapperfume.com/shop/

Get smelling fresh and all of that with naturally crafted scents from Snap!

To find out more about Snap Fragrance and Snap for Him, be sure to check out:

Snap For Him Pocket

Guy and the Blog was provided a sample for the purpose of this review.

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1 comment

Jillian Phillips April 8, 2016 - 1:08 AM

Nice share..
Snap Perfume for Him is the best I prefer for men, gifted my hubby on his birthday. 🙂
This perfume is Spicy, exotic and charismatic, perfect for a man with elite style and good taste.


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