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Tasty Beverages I’m Enjoying Right Now

Well, it may or may not be RIGHT now, but it certainly is mostly and sometime recently. As you may know, I enjoy a fine beer every now and again. I go from really dark and rich to light to hoppy to everything in between.

These days I’m been feeling a little bitter, a little hoppy. I’m not sure if this is some unintentional reflection of my inner self (oh snap that’s deep) or just “because’.” Knowing me, it’s more just because. And peep out the fine offerings coming in cans these days…Six Point (Brooklyn freshness) doesn’t even COME in bottles, sucka.

Oh, so tasty…

Samuel Adams Noble Pils

A truly fine beverage from the largest American brewer in the land. What was once a seasonal offering is now a year-round classic. All 5 noble hops from the world’s oldest growing regions…are you going to test the claim? It works…a great hoppy bite, with some good, solid after taste (makes you remember the affair) but not overpowering or undrinkable. Bitter but smooth. You can have it alone or with food. Try to get this glass, too…awesome design. Plus, isn’t it nice sometimes to feel a little bit noble?

Six Point Sweet Action

A very fine offering from the Brooklyn boys that are coming on strong. Well made craft beers, but not too over thought or geeky. This one is like a fantastic, flavorful, hoppy IPA but with a very smooth and sweet edge to it. The low carbonation and somewhat yeasty vibe gives it somewhat of a creamy mouthfeel. Great finish that kind of starts a bit sweet and ends bitter. A really well balanced beverage. Comes only in a 4-pack of 16 oz cans.


Got these cans for Oktoberfest and couldn’t let it go. Germany’s #1 draft beer (as per the can) and it’s a pretty good one. Check out the gold…man, that’s swell. The beer…very German. Light but still a little hoppy and bitter, enough to give it some nice flavor. Perhaps a bit on the “dry” side as well, which I love. No aftertaste to speak of. A fine, refreshing beer, yet with some character and body for sure. Like Sweet Action, it comes only in a 4-pack of 16 oz cans. Those whacky Germans…

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