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I Have Been Broken…Apple Is My King

by Bill Sweeney
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Well, I fought it for years. You know, the cult…of Apple. The crazed, glazed over giddiness of these people always made me wary. These nutsos are so enamored with these products, especially the iPhone, that I took to calling the company “Crapple”, asking questions like “where’s the Flash” and refusing to partake in the perceived madness of the thing.  I’ve gone through 3 Droids trying my best to prove a point and these kooks won’t bring me down into the muck!

Looking back, I’m not sure I really ever had a chance. My wife is all in…iPhone, iPod (in the past), iPad, iMac, Mac Book Pro. The kids…LOVE the iPad and iPod Touch for games. They even use the iPad in school. It was written on the wall, but I wasn’t looking.

It started to creep. The first real break was my enjoyment with the iPad. So beautifully designed and easy to use. It worked well and it became a couch-time friend.  Then, Vera was on bedrest, so I had to use her iMac more and more. I started to see the allure  By nature, humans like pretty things…and Apple things are pretty. They seem to look nice and perform well. Maybe there are some things it cannot do, but there are more things that it can do and do very well…even seamlessly. I was still fighting the good fight because I didn’t want to go all in…hanging out in Starbucks with think black glasses reading Mac World…no, please no!!!

Then, my latest Droid phone started it’s seemingly inevitable decent into sheer crapitude…and I really need that phone to work well. I was distraught. But it hit me…all of a sudden…like a freight train. I must go iPhone. It was like the l release of the 5 was a calling to me. It just seemed to make sense, the timing was ideal. So, I took the plunge and ordered. I actually was getting pretty excited with the anticipation that this may actually be as good as people think. After weeks of waiting, Verizon came a-knocking.

It was love at first sight. The look, the feel, the flow of the thing…I was awesome. I really liked it right from the start. Then, I turned it on…and the Retina display was amazing. I set it all up, and it all works…and it works really well. Super fast, well, everything. Emails, internet, opening apps and docs. downloading and installing apps. It’s all there and it’s all perfect. The camera is great…I actually feel like it’s a “real” camera for once. I find myself enamored with the thing. I look at Apple sites and forums. I read about the best way to set the phone up and the best apps to have. I even find myself enjoying the use of the apps I already used on my Droid, just more so than before. Even down to taking great pics and sharing them…just better.

It’s crazy. I’m a man. I can admit when I’m wrong. I am wrong. And it is so sweet to say it!! Unless the passing of Mr. Jobs really does start the company’s downward decent, I am a believer. I am a convert. Sure, I use many Google apps still…like Gmail, Drive/Docs, Calendar, Search…but I use it more often and better on the iPhone. The fever is burning and it’s good.

Now…on to the Mac Book Pro and the iPad Mini (awesome machine by the way). Perhaps I’ll hang at the Apple store, just because. It’s that a subscription to Mac Rumors…perfect. I’ll walk around saying “it just works” and actually mean it.

Do these skinny jeans come in Nantucket Red??

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