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The Super Bowl Party With #GoldEmblem By CVS/pharmacy Was A Success!! #CVSGameTime

by Bill Sweeney

CVS Gold Emblem Pretzel Collage 2-3-15Did you love the Super Bowl this year? It was one of the best (other than the ones where the Giants won…a hem) I think there’s ever seen. Back and forth all night, great plays, drama, crazy first half and game finishes, and superstar players. It was a really amazing game. It’s all you (and the 115 million people that watched, all the people in Vegas, and the people buying commercials in the 4th quarter) could have ever asked for.

CVS Gold Emblem Sparkling Water Collage 2-3-15

Of course if you were having a party…sure, having a good, competitive and exciting game is pretty important, sure. But isn’t it all about the food and drinks? Let’s be honest, that’s what most people care about. It’s like a wedding…people remember the food!!

As you know, we had a small get together with a few friends this year and went pretty basic. Vera and I did not want to go crazy like we sometimes tend to. We just went with the basics, in normal quantities, and tried to have a little bit of something for everyone. We had pre-cut fruit and veggie platters from the market and made up a quick cheese and cracker plate. Even the main course was easy…ordered some pizzas, garlic knots, and made a salad. Not too much prepping, thanks goodness. Of course, a lot of the east was due to us scoring a boatload of Gold Emblem snacks by CVS/pharmacy! It made the party SO much easier to plan for and host. There was more time for fun and time with friends, which can’t be a bad thing. See, not going too crazy on the party itself actually allows the hosts to enjoy the party…imagine that.

CVS Gold Emblem Cashew Collage 2-3-15

Here’s what Gold Emblem snacks were laid out for the party along with some quick thoughts on each. The main takeaway from us as well as the guests…everything was very good, everyone ate, and everyone had a good time.

  • Gold Emblem Deluxe Mixed Nuts – good quality, loved by all
  • Gold Emblem Classic Blend Trail Mix – Natalie really loved this the most
  • Gold Emblem Honey Roasted Cashews – who doesn’t love sweet and salty…no one
  • Gold Emblem Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies – Vera couldn’t believe how good these were (and this is her favorite type of cookie)
  • Gold Emblem Pretzel Sticks – Caleb couldn’t get enough…he’s still chowing down on these
  • Gold Emblem Baked Wheat Snack Crackers – these were awesome with dip, went really quick
  • Gold Emblem Veggie Chips – good flavor, nice to mix it up
  • Gold Emblem Butter Popcorn – like the movie theater, really good
  • Gold Emblem Sparkling Fruit Water – this was really good to wash it all down, in between eating and drinking other beverages, of course
  • Gold Emblem Beef Jerky – really good flavor and texture, seemed very fresh to me
  • Gold Emblem Buffalo Almonds – the surprise of the night for me, very different and tasty, people kept going back and commenting how good and unique they were (not too spicy)
  • CVS Brand Antacids – they were there if anyone needed them, but no one did.  Tried on the next day…they taste good, too!

The guests had a blast, Vera and I had a blast…and the kids had a blast. Even Caleb (he always has a blast, who am I kidding). I just wish Liam didn’t like the game quite so much…

CVS Gold Emblem Liam Collage 2-3-15

When you decide to host a party at your house, I would highly recommend checking out the Gold Emblem line of snacks by CVS/pharmacy! Who wants to go to the overcrowded supermarkets? Plus you get to wrack up some ExtraCare bucks with each purchase…don’t say it too loudly, my wife may be listening and she’ll get too excited.

 To find out more about Gold Emblem by CVS/pharmacy, visit:

Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy as a Gold Emblem Super Bowl Party Host. I am being sponsored to help lead this campaign, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at CVS.com or with the appropriate manufacturers.

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