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Tips For Enjoying Amusement Parks With Kids

by Bill Sweeney
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The long lines, overpriced foods and huge crowds may be a nightmare when it comes to parents bringing their kids to an amusement park. It’s no wonder many parents opt out of attending such events, there’s just too much going on around you to focus on your kids. This is a sad reality for many families, the desire to go to amusement parks with kids but the inability to figure out how to survive the trip. Today we will share a few tips on how to survive an amusement park with kids so that your family can get out and have some fun.

Be an Early Bird

When it comes to bringing kids to an amusement park the earliest you can arrive and if possible a week day visit will prove to be the best suited option. Fewer crowds arrive in the early hours and most weekdays are slower than weekends.

Know the Weather

Nothing is worse than getting stuck in a rain shower at an amusement park with kids, prepare for the weather ahead of time. Only travel to an amusement park when the weather says it’s free of any chance for precipitation or awful weather conditions.

Go on the Same Ride Multiple Times

If your kid really likes one ride then let them go on it over and over again, sure it may be boring for you but this trip is all about keeping the kids entertained. Who cares if your kid wants to ride the teacups over and over again so as long as it makes them happy.

Be Prepared Financially

Kids have accidents, spills and mishaps that’s just part of the territory. Be prepared financially for a mishap by having some cash on hand to cover any mishaps that may occur. This will help to ensure all costs will be covered and no financial stress occurs during your trip.

Use Camera Creatively

Nothing is worse than trying to leave an amusement park with tired kids as you realize that you forgot where you parked the car. Take a photo of the location your car is parked at before entering the amusement park so you can easily find it after a long, tiring day of fun.

Bring Your Own Food When Possible

If the amusement park allows for it, bring in your own food. A way around this if the park doesn’t allow for you to bring in your own food is to pack up a cooler in your car and get a stamp to leave, eat lunch at the car and then return to the amusement park.

Do your best, enjoy the time, and don’t go crazy. Yes, it could be a lot of work, but it’s a great time that the whole family will enjoy and remember for a long time.

Tips For Enjoying Amusement Parks With Kids was last modified: July 8th, 2016 by Bill Sweeney

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