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Top Gifts To Purchase Or Make For Father’s Day 2016

by Bill Sweeney

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Every year in June on the third Sunday of the month for those who live in North America and the United Kingdom there’s this special day that arrives called Father’s Day. Are you looking for some dope Father Day gift ideas this year? Let it be known…I am a dad and I know that dad doesn’t want all of the latest gadgets and do-dads, all he wants is to feel like a King in his castle this Father’s Day. King of this castle, if only for a day!

Here are some Father Day gift ideas I think dad will love. You will look awesome. Trust me.

Father Day Gifts to Purchase

  • A New Watch – look for a high quality, stylish design that Dad can wear with pride and always be on time.
  • Iced Coffee Maker – allow Dad to save money on future iced coffee purchases by giving him the best iced coffee maker on the market this Father’s Day.
  • Beard Trimmer – for the Dad who likes to remain well-groomed get him a beard trimmer that handles the tough job of keeping Dad looking handsome.
  • Subscription Box – there are so many subscription box services out there, find one geared towards men and sign Dad up for a year of this service.
  • Gift Cards – this is an easy gesture, that doesn’t have to cost a lot, get Dad a gift card to his favorite clothing shop or café so he can enjoy spoiling himself.

Father Day Gifts to Make

  • Homemade Cards – have the family pitch in and create their own unique Father’s Day card using materials you have on hand – construction paper, printer paper and crayons are enough for this.
  • Homemade Dinner – Dad must have a favorite meal, serve him up a special dinner made only of his favorite food items, and serve it to him so he doesn’t have to do anything except enjoy it.
  • Homemade Dessert – this could be fun for the older kids or supervised younger kids to do, work together to make Dad’s favorite dessert to serve after homemade dinner.
  • Fab Dad Cap – make your own baseball cap for Dad using felt that says “Fab Dad” or some other cool saying for Dad – this is great for kids!
  • Desk Organizer – using an old cardboard box that has a cover, paint it up in Dad’s favorite color and give it to him to stay organized at his desk.

What are some of the top Father Day gift ideas you have for 2016? Drop it on me, I’m always on the lookout!! Good luck!

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