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Toting the Kids Around Town

by Bill Sweeney

It’s amazing how things changed when the kids came. I mean, the larger discussion should be saved for another time, but one thing comes to mind…when and where to take the kids. You seem to have 2 distinct camps here, and who the heck knows what’s right. Not sure if there is a right, really. Take ’em…why not and take ’em…um, why?

We waiver between both ourselves. It helps also to have willing babysitting grandparents living 15-20 minutes away. We can really go either way as needed/wanted. Most of the time, though, we love to take the kids to places.

Today, for example, we took them into NYC for the NY Times Travel Show. We’ve never been and wanted to check it out. We figured we’d get some pointers while getting some contacts for INO Mommy’s upcoming Family Travel section. It would be a win-win.

With kids…will travel…by car, even into Manhattan. We are not going to take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) with the 2 of them. Especially to a place that we will most certainly need to take the massive, double jogger stroller. It’s a great stroller (even in Disney), but it’s not something to lug around a train. On the ride in, going towards the Midtown tunnel, we hit a wall. A really, slow, wall. There was an accident, closed 2 of 3 lanes. Perhaps taking the kids was not the best idea, we say to selves. Nothing much to do, so we soldier onward and upward, eventually reaching our desination.

While there, we battled hunger attacks, walking Moose, live Penguins, ethnic dancers, bathroom emergencies, no-wanting-to-sit-downing, and general cramped quarters enveloping our mighty red kidmobile. Some people might ask why would we want to bother. A valid point, no doubt. I that I would reply…why wouldn’t you? Do you have kids for show, like a baseball card collection or one of those cool US Mint coins that were so limited in 1944 yet they somehow found, like a million of them in a bathroom in Guam? No, they’re for use…they loved the place, loved to eat out, loved the penguins, the noise, the crowds, the Moose, the Spongebob guy (what…Cayman Islands?). It was fun, and it was fun with them. Sure, my wife and I love to have our dates and to be alone, especially with us both at home, but there will always be something to be said for just being and doing typical and non-typical stuff as a family.

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