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What to Expect with Tween Boys

Raising boys brings along a whole new ball game in fatherhood. Whether you are in the beginning stages, looking at that sweet newborn baby born or venturing close to the teenage years and wondering what happened to that sweet newborn baby boy, today I am going to share a few things that you can expect with tween boys. The time flies and before you know it, your son is trying to tackle you, have farting contests, and basically acting like he’s a man. Most of the time, it’s pretty darn awesome. Some days, I want to crush them. It’s all part of the fun.

They will have Mood Swings

No more are the days when only tween girls start to hit those mood swing days, boys will also go through their own set of mood swings. It’s almost like your sweet little boy woke up one day and decided to be overly dramatic in ways you never anticipated and were not forewarned about. This little boy may go through days where he is incredibly angry at the world and other days he can be a complete crying mess. You can play testosterone highs and lows for the mood swings of your tween boy. Yes, boys will suffer from hormonal changes just as girls do.

They will be Unreasonable

Your boy may start to distance himself from you and become quite unreasonable in his demands, desires and dreams. You see, some tween boys have been known to wear their clothes to bed, all in the name of saving time the next morning. Tween boys will stop caring about the smell of their body and many will have a room that is out of control with smelly socks all over the place. Studies have even proved that teen boys simply cannot smell their stink, which explains a lot when it comes to raising tween boys.

They will Push Away

Every tween child will start to push away at some point or another, whether it gets out of control is up to how you handle these days. A tween boy will start to share opinions that are out of this world, and may not align with your beliefs. This is challenging for many parents because we often are found questioning what we did wrong. Remember it is completely natural for your tween boy to start questioning all that you raised him to believe and push away. You will have to tread lightly but always encourage open communication during this stage.

They Still Need You

While your tween son won’t admit to needing your advice, they truly still need their parents. There’s nothing worse than distancing yourself in the same way that your tween son is doing. Work hard to remain calm, open minded and compassionate during this phase in parenthood. One day your little boy will return to you, so as long as you always remember your tween son does still need you to guide them and encourage them to remain steady in the days of hormonal fluctuations.

The bottom line…they are growing up and finding their way just like all of us did. There is a time to let them be and a time to be on top of them. It’s a tough balancing act that takes time, practice, and heavy breathing each and every day. The times I give up drinking for Lent is the toughest (just kidding). They are feeling you out just like you are feeling them out. At the heart of it all for me is being a father first and foremost then being a friend second. They have and will alway have more than enough friends. They only have one father. No pressure…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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By Bill Sweeney

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