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15 Things Every Father Should Teach Their Son

by Bill Sweeney

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Now that Liam is almost 8, he’s really becoming more and more like a “big boy.” As each day passes, he really seems to get things a bit more, which means it’s time to teach him more real life things, right? You have to teach them young and teach them often if you want them to grow up and hopefully be a good man…and a man like you preferably.

I know there are probably 100s of things to list, but I figured making it short and sweet works the best.

  1. Ride a bike, throw a ball, swim, drive a car, tie your shoes, throw a football, hit a baseball
  2. Be a gentleman…hold doors open, give your seat up on the train, say please and thank you
  3. Appreciate meat…steaks, sausage, whatever
  4. Shaving and general grooming to not be an animal
  5. Good beer is a good thing
  6. How to defend himself with words or actions, whichever is called for
  7. Which sports teams you like and why they need to root for them too
  8. Go outside and get dirty… live and enjoy
  9. Tell the truth and own up to the things you’ve done wrong
  10. Pick your battles in life, know when to push back and when to give in
  11. Always keep your word and honor your commitments, even if you don’t want to
  12. Make good friends and be loyal to them
  13. Try to do the right thing, even when it seems to tough
  14. Always take care of and defend your brother and sister
  15. Listen to your parents even though we always seem like we don’t know anything

Did I miss anything important?

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