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Time Waits For No Man & The Kids Keep Growing Up

by Bill Sweeney

How do you all deal with the littles ones not being quite as little? Sure, they’re still babies, really, but Natalie will be 10 in a couple of weeks and Liam will be 8 in July. Time is flying by and they are definitely growing up. They want to do “big kid” things. They try to act like “big kids,” too…much to my annoyance in many instances. Yes, it’s nice to see them get big, of course, but it’s tough to let go.

They walk home from the bus. Sure, it’s a 30 second walk for 1/2 a block, but it’s a big deal! I still have to walk them to the bus stop in the mornings, they have no choice. We run and play “monster” still (I chase them making monster noises). I can’t let it go that easily. I already can’t walk them to school like it have, so it can’t let it all go just yet.



Natalie has had a few sleepovers and Liam walks up the block to his friend’s house. They make their own breakfast (messy, but still) sometimes and can do a lot of things on their own. I let them do it because they have to learn to be self-sufficient, but still, certain times, it’s nice to be needed.

“Dad, can you get the cereal for me?”

“Dad, my laces are knotted.”

“Dad, can you give me a piggyback!”

I have to say, I love it because I know more and more as each day passes, that it is all so fleeting, that they will be out with their friends more and more and home less and less. I know that there is a chance they will go away to college and be gone most of the time. I know that time is coming and it’s coming soon. I know that after that they will get a job, maybe move out, and really be on their own.

I know that I still have time, but how much time, really? 10 years have already passed since I was made a daddy to a little girl, with 2 more littles ones after. Even Caleb is getting so big.

You realize all the things that your “dumb” “know nothing” parents said were not too far off and that all that advise and all those weird lines about “you’ll see” are not really that sill after all. So, as much as time can’t stop, please do yourself a favor and try your best not to let it rush by too quickly. We all have a tendency to think about all the non-important stuff, the small stuff that seems to so important when it’s really not. We think ahead too much and look forward to milestones and events. Live for the day and enjoy walking your kids to the bus stop, and having to help them with stuff they maybe already should not need help with. When you are about to yell or huff and puff…take a breath and say…enjoy it while it lasts because it won’t last forever and the day will come soon where you miss all those things.

Do your best. Live in the moment. Appreciate what seems to be tough to appreciate. Stop and take it all in. Let yourself enjoy the moment.

At least I still have Caleb.

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Time Waits For No Man & The Kids Keep Growing Up was last modified: May 19th, 2015 by Bill Sweeney

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