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5 Awesome Staycation Ideas for the Family

by Bill Sweeney

Looking to save money or perhaps just disconnect without having to leave the comfort of your hometown? Well then I have a few tips for you today, 5 awesome staycation ideas for the family that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, reconnected and happy come Monday.

  1. Take a Virtual Tour – there are many websites of places around the world that have a virtual tour option on their site. Just find a few places that the family would love to travel to and set it up so the virtual tour plays over your living room television. Sit down with the family and enjoy a virtual tour during your staycation with the family.
  2. Go Geocaching – if the weather is right, you can hop on board the Geocaching train! There are so many fun treasures hidden all over the world, to include right in your neck of the woods. Look up apps that will easily help you go geocaching in your local neighborhood with the family or perhaps purchase a Geocaching Junior to let the kids easily partake in this adventure without much knowledge of GPS coordinates.
  3. Go to a Theater – find a local theater that shows plays versus actual films and check out some live action plays just like in the old days. Perhaps there is a play happening this weekend that the whole family would enjoy, go on and buy some tickets. You certainly won’t regret showing the kids a bit of a fun time beyond the television screen.
  4. Setup Camp Inside – there’s nothing more fun than letting all of the electronics go, well besides the TV, as you and the family setup camp right inside. Designate one room of the home and have each child set up their own “tent” complete with all necessary items for survival as if you are all outside camping in real life. Then enjoy an evening of pretend roasted marshmallows (hint: you can make them in the microwave) and conversations as you all gather around a pretend fire to tell stories.
  5. Turn Your Home into a Castle – sure this may sound quite tedious, but it’s not really! Simply look up some ideas on Pinterest to figure out what era of castle days you wish to mimic and work together to transform your home into a castle complete with each family member being a specific role from the King & Queen days. Enjoy a staycation weekend together where you work to live as if your home is a castle and you are in the olden days.

There are so many ways you can enjoy a staycation with the family. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your yard or home to do so. Take into consideration these 5 awesome staycation ideas for the family as you head into the holiday break season, these can certainly be some great ways to reconnect with the kids while enjoying a bit of down time.

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