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5 Ultra Fresh Snacks For A Hungry Man

by Bill Sweeney
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I’m a man and I like to eat. I also know that I need to snack to keep me going, maintain my appetite and not make me get too crazy at meal times. Sure, you need to have some poor snacks every now and again, but you just can’t make it a habit. I sometimes dip into that where I just eat too much junk. Since 1/1/16, I’ve been back on track and I’ve been seeking out and craving healthy stuff. It’s amazing how fast you can flip what your body wants to eat if you have some will power and a few days.

While there are so many thoughts about what snacks work and what don’t, I’m a fan of natural, high protein, and some fat and sugar, but not too much. I think like with so many things in life, balance is the key. I also believe that if it comes from God and it’s not too processed, you’re that much better off.

So, there’s a quick list of 5 snacks that I think you will love once you give it a shot.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.45.44 AM

Rise Almond Honey Protein Bars

  • These are the best protein bars around as far as I’m concerned. It’s a great, fulfilling snack with a great texture and taste. It’s just almonds, honey, and whey protein isolate. Done.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.47.48 AM

Krave Jerky

  • If you like jerky, which I most certainly do, then this is pretty much the bomb. It’s awesome. It’s natural with none of those silly nitrates, and the texture is firm yet not too tough like so many lesser jerkys. Awesome and creative flavors to boot.  Garic Chili Pepper is probably my favorite if I have to pick one.



  • Gasp! If you’re a health nut, shield your eyes. Yes, this is not healthy. It’s not meant to be healthy and no one is pretending it is. It’s salty, crispy, cheesy goodness that no one can deny tastes amazing. These are benchmark snackies no doubt. Sure, don’t eat too many too often, but once in a while can’t hurt anyone. All of these new flavors and the original Nacho Cheese is still probably the best, though Spicy Nacho and Spicy Sweet Chili is pretty good, too. Not really much of a Cool Ranch guy. Sorry.


Frozen Grapes

  • Fruit is good and I like all of it. It’s a perfect snack that fills you and satisfies your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Peaches, apples, oranges, berries. All of it is awesome. My favorite, though, would be frozen grapes. It’s just so satisfying, it’s really like a dessert. Firm and icy, super sweet, awesome. It’s really something if you haven’t tried it. It makes the grape even grapier.

Pumpkin Yogurt

Good Yogurt

  • This can be very broad, but I am all about the new yogurt revolution that has overtaken the over-sugared super watery stuff we all had to grow up with. My favorite brands include:
    • Siggi’s (NY Icelandic Style Skyr that’s super thick and not very sweet)
    • Liberte (less thick “Mediterranean style” ultra rich and creamy)
    • Noosa (utrla rich and creamy Aussie style)
    • Chobani (the grand daddy of Greek style in America that does it all now)
    • Nounos (rich Greek from the Hamptons ricking the glass bottles)
    • Kalypso (LI based greek comes in clay pots)

That’s a quick hitter, but I think it covers all of your bases. Sometimes I make a mix of this as my lunch or dinner and it’s just as good.

Happy snacking

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