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5 Ways to Promote Healthy Eating Habits with Kids

by Bill Sweeney

While most healthy eating habits are best developed from a young age, you can still get that kid back onto the healthy eating bandwagon even after straying for years. There is a wealth of information out there on the internet pertaining to healthy eating habits for kids, but today I am going to focus on promoting healthy eating habits with kids. I think it’s important to have an easy way to get those kids eating healthier, without giving the parents an extensive headache.

Set the Example

The easiest way to promote healthy eating habits with kids would be to set the example. You are the first person they look up to and watch as guidance on eating habits. Try to make good choices when your kids are watching so they see that you too are determined to eat healthy.

Set Realistic Expectations

Often time’s parents set ridiculous guidelines on their kids and in turn the kids start to emotionally eat due to stress. Discuss what foods matter to your kids, allow for some wiggle room so they can both eat health and have a little treat on occasion too.

Read Food Labels

Have the kids start reading food labels. Educate them on sugar and sodium since there is little education on those two ingredients in school. Teach them to be more conscious of what’s in their foods and they automatically show interest in healthier options.

Plant a Garden

The most successful way parents have been able to get those veggies in the mouths of their picky kids is to have the kids plant a garden. Often time’s kids show more interest in eating new foods when they have been a part of the growing or prep process.

Keep it Positive

Force feeding your kids will not turn them into healthy eating adults. It’s important to remain consistent and encouraging during these times of developing healthy eating habits with kids. Try to make a special dessert that the kids can have on occasion when eating healthier consistently.

There are so many ways you can start promoting healthy eating habits. I shared just 5 ways today to help guide you forward in your mission to get those kids eating healthier. What are some ways you promote healthy eating habits in your household? It’s a constant battle today, but are there many things more important?

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