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Countdown to March Madness

by Bill Sweeney

Well, the time is fast approaching. Perhaps the best sporting event (collectively) of the calendar year is less than two weeks away. It’s the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, known commonly as March Madness.

For those that do not know, 64 teams are selected or win the right to compete, Over the course of two weeks or so (3 weekends) dozens of balls-to-the-wall basketball games are playing, typically one more exciting than the next. It’s a beloved event watched by millions. Even those that don’t watch much college ball during the year (me) make time to see these games. It could have something to do with the many, many pools people gamble over, but I’d like to think it’s for the enjoyment of the sport and the competition.

Selection Sunday is March 14th, with the final game being played on April 5th. The season has been pretty up and down, so there’s still alot to be determined, but it’ll be nice to see. I’m always rooting for the Big East…the ‘Cuse, UConn, even ‘Nova. Is the Johnnies can’t even get to the dance, someone from the conference should win the thing.

Hmmm…I have to speak to some folks about getting some bracketology therapy. Good luck in your pools. May the force be with you, or something.

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