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Don’t Worry About Your Home When You’re Away

Ooma Butterfleye on shelf

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Peace Of Mind

You love your home and your family. I know I enjoying being home with them as much as possible. But life is life and be it for work, school, vacation, or errands, we have to leave our home all the time. While I’m away, I’m always concerned about my family and my home itself. It’s just something that’s always at the back of my mind. It’s just natural. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy, super high-tech way to be able to see everything that’s going on back at home, from anywhere in the world? While it sounds like science fiction, it’s very real indeed. And it’s amazing.

Clear As Day

Make sure the kids get home from school, check in on your pooch or just know your home is safe while on vacation. The smart app tells you everything you need, all in amazing crystal-clear, HD video. It sports a 1/3″ 3.5 megapixel full color CMOS sensor; 120 degree field of view; 1080p full HD video with 8x digital zoom. It’s awesome and super clear.

Right there on your phone, tablet, or preferred device…the Ooma Butterfleye Smart Video Security Camera.

Ooma Butterfleye box

Ooma Knows You

The Ooma Butterfleye is amazing and smart. It’s so advanced that it uses optical facial recognition to get to know who your friends and family are – even your pets! That way, alerts can be customized to tell you only if a stranger enters. It’s just another level of customization and protection that puts this security camera ahead of that pack. It just makes leaving your home that much more of a comfortable, worry-free experience.

Always Working Hard

I love that I can live-stream my home videos 24/7 from anywhere in the world. It’s amazing, really. Who would have ever thought it was possible..and so easy at that. There’s also Instant Video Capture, allowing you to capture activity 5 seconds before a triggered event so you’ll always know what happened from start to finish. Plus, you get 7 days of free cloud storage, so you can go back and see what’s been happening!

The Butterfleye uses a number of impressive sensors and detection technologies to always deliver the best protection. Passive infrared, Ambient light, Accelerometer, Sound sensor, and Instant push notifications are some of the ways the Ooma really has your back.

Ooma Butterfleye iPhone App

Powered 24/7

Another great feature is the 24/7 nature of the Ooma Butterfleye. With built-in storage and battery backup, Ooma Butterfleye works 24/7 to protect your family and your home, even if there happens to be an internet or power outage. Knowing that nothing can prevent the Ooma from performing it’s duties, not even a power outage, really put me even more at ease. I just know that this is the right choice for this type of home security. You just never know.

Easy Setup and Use

Perhaps one of the best parts of the Butterfleye is how well designed and easy it is to setup and use. It’s awesome, even my dad set it up no problem! It’s just as simple as downloading the Butterfleye app (iOS and Android), creating an account, and quickly linking your bluetooth-enabled device to your new beauty!! It really is as quick and easy as that. Then you’re off to the races…with all the security and convenience you could ever need.

Ooma Butterfleye close up

Grab Your Own Ooma Butterfleye

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Find Out More

To find out more about the Ooma Butterfleye and the amazing level of comfort you can achieve when you’re away. I’m loving it and I really think you will as well. Check out:

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We go away on occasion. Mostly local; but, even just being away for a few hours, anything can happen. It would be nice to have this to keep my mind at ease while we’re enjoying our time out.

This would be useful weather your going to gone an hour or a week! I have to get one of these amazing app accesible cameras!

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