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Fully Optimize Your Oil Change Routine

by Bill Sweeney
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I’m really pleased to talk to you, on in sponsorship with Mobil 1 at Walmart, about one way great way I’m getting a chore done much more efficiently and pleasantly.

Maintaining your car can be a real pain. It’s a necessary task for anyone that owns one, but it can really feel like a thankless job that takes up a lot of time. Think about it. You take your car to get some service, and you have to sit around in some cheesy waiting room for hours. When the car is ready, you are stuck with a bill and a car that looks and feels exactly the same as it did hours before you took it in!

Take changing your car’s oil, for example. This has to be the most thankless job of all, but it’s so necessary. The problem for me has always been having to sit there and wait to get it done. It’s not long enough of a time to leave the car but it’s not quick enough to not seem like it’s taking forever. PLUS, you have to get it done every three months or so, which I tend to forget every now and again. This is not the best for the car, of course. But what can I do? It takes time and I’m a busy guy! I’ve got a lot on my plate (running a business, blogging, kids, taking care of the house, etc.) and sometimes things like this just get put on the back burner! Sue me.

As with every other aspect of my life, I am always looking for new ways of getting things done that will make it easier and more convenient for me and my family. I need to maximize my time and be as efficient as possible, or things won’t get done when they need to be done.

Take the oil change I talked about. I recently found an amazing way to really save a ton of time and effort getting this task done while using the time I do spend much more efficiently. It’s been a real home run for me. Let me run you through it, but let me just say this… the once-a-year oil change. Music to your ears, right?

Ok, so here’s the deal. Walmart Auto Centers are great spots to get a lot of different work done for your car. My new favorites have to be getting the oil changed there. I love it for a couple of reasons. First, I love the convenience of being able to get the exact Mobil 1™ oil I want anytime I want it by ordering at Walmart.com. By shopping with Walmart online, I can either get free 2-day shipping on oil and so much more, or just order it and pick it up at my local store. It’s super easy, especially with the Walmart app, that I can do it while I’m waiting to get the kids from soccer, school, or wherever else. It’s multitasking at its finest. To boot, the prices are always fantastically low at Walmart, so why not get your shopping done there?? The process is fast and easy. No-brainer.

As much as I’ve loved shopping and getting my car maintained at my local Walmart, the entire process has gotten even more amazing lately. There’s a new oil in town, and it’s the champ as far as I’m concerned. It’s called Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil and it’s some special stuff. So, not only is the oil easy to pick out and purchase, this breakthrough lubricant technology provides protection for up to one year between oil changes — guaranteed.* Yes, you’ve read that correctly people. With Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil, I only have to get my oil changed one time a year, or up to 20,000 miles (whichever comes first). That sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t! It’s proven protection for 1 full year.*

Imagine having to schlep to get your car’s oil changed only one time a year, not 3-4 times or more! It’s amazing! Mobil 1 set out to develop the most advanced motor oil ever: providing drivers with the convenience of going one full year* between oil changes with a new motor oil product that extends oil life, maximizes engine wear protection and prevents harmful deposits – Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil (M1 AP). I think this is the power of trading up trading up to synthetic from conventional motor oils. Synthetics are generally viewed as better since they last much longer, which is better for your time as well as for the environment. Synthetics have also been shown to produce less resistance in the engine leading to a higher overall efficiency for the engine.

While all of this sounds great, does it really work? Indeed, it does. Mobil 1 put Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil through a rigorous testing process to ensure it met the highest standards for motor oil performance; including a 120,000-mile proof of performance test on three vehicles: a 2015 Chevy Malibu LT, 2.0L TGDI, a 2015 Lexus NX 200t, 2.0L Turbo, and a 2016 Ford Fusion SE, 1.5 L EcoBoost. All three vehicles featured turbocharged, direct-injection engines, which are notoriously tough on oil. After testing, the Mobil 1 research team concluded that Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil extended oil life and resistance to oil breakdown with maximum wear protection and prevention from harmful deposits and exceptional sludge control providing excellent engine cleanliness. In other words, it did the job in some of the toughest conditions. 1 year. 1 oil change. *

In addition to Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil, Mobil 1™ Extended Performance oil filters will also protect engine systems for up to 20,000 miles. Though not required, these filters meet the requirements of the Mobil 1™ Annual Protection limited warranty and are perfect companion products for longer-lasting protection.

On top of all of this awesomeness, imagine being able to get all of your shopping done WHILE you are getting the oil changed for that one time a year!! Think about it, you can get everything you need at Walmart while they are working on your car. Sure, you won’t be quite as current with your social media updates, but I think I’ll take it. Talk about being more efficient with my time.

If this all isn’t too good to be true, you can receive a $10 eGift Card when purchasing Mobil 1™ Annual Protection 5-quart jug at online at Walmart.com or in-store at Walmart from now through 9/8/17. This is just getting ridiculous now isn’t it?

Available in 0W-20, 5W-20 and 5W-30 viscosities, Mobil 1™ Annual protection oils are recommended for all types of modern vehicles, including high-performance, turbocharged, supercharged, multi-valve and fuel-injected engines that are found in passenger cars, SUVs, light vans and trucks. To find out more, please visit Walmart.com.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mobil 1 at Walmart.

*One year or 20,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Fully Optimize Your Oil Change Routine was last modified: September 3rd, 2017 by Bill Sweeney

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Jennifer August 12, 2017 - 12:30 PM

I always get my oil changed at Walmart. They do an absolutely amazing job, and their prices are awesome.

Vera Sweeney August 12, 2017 - 12:31 PM

Life is so much nicer when you don’t have to worry about this stuff. Walmart always does such a good job, and it’s never an annoyingly long wait like some places.


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