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A Gentleman’s Trove: The Bearded Gent – Scotch Porter

by Bill Sweeney
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Ok, I have an awesome gift idea if you are looking for something special this Christmas, birthday, Friday, whatever. A Gentleman’s Trove provides upscale gifts readily available without the hassle of shopping for a man. Each gift box is curated with the highest quality products to ensure each item will be used and enjoyed – no filler items included and no subscription required. It’s the bomb. Serious.


There were a ton of great boxes to choose from, but I went with The Bearded Gent – Scotch Porter ($92.99). This baby is smooth, really smooth. In fact, smooth is the name of the game with their Bearded Gent: Scotch Porter Edition.

This box features a 3 month supply of high quality beard products that give you a healthy beard, as well face wash and lotion that will have your skin smooth and glowing like a champ. You want to glow, don’t you? I think you do. This baby is the absolute bomb and perfect gift for the man who not only cares about his beard, but his overall appearance as a whole. The gift for a guy who loves to look and smell his best.


I know, I know. Sounds great. This is all fine and dandy, but…What’s in the Box? Check it out:

Moisturizing Beard Wash by SCOTCH PORTER

Do you know what’s the saddest sight ever? A dull looking beard. Our moisturizing beard wash is sulfate-free, super gentle and hydrates your beard, keeping it full of life, soft, shiny and healthy. Oh, and it keeps it clean too.


Does your beard have a mind of its own? Our most popular beard product will come to the rescue to tame your wild beast of dry facial hair with the proper hydration. Our balm immediately moisturizes, conditions, repels dandruff, and keeps your beard soft and shiny: the only way to keep your beard happy. Conditions and moisturizes to promote a soft, thick-growing beard.

Hydrate & Nourish Beard Conditioner by SCOTCH PORTER

Listen, a clean beard is a happy beard, but a conditioned beard is an ecstatic one. Once you’re done treating your beard to our Moisturizing Beard Wash, take it to the next level with our Hydrate & Nourish Beard Conditioner. This deep-conditioning beard treatment even helps keep your beard shiny in between washes. Prevents excessive beard shedding and promotes a soft, thick-growing beard.

You and your face will love it.

Smoothing Beard Serum by SCOTCH PORTER

Scotch Porter has done it. They’ve sealed the deal, and brought your beard to full-on swagged out completion. Their smoothing beard serum mixes the finest ingredients, leaving your beard moisturized, shiny, smooth, and frizz-free. You owe it to your beard.

The key to a well moisturized, shiny and frizz-free beard all day is to seal in moisture and smooth the hair cuticle down. Use of our Smoothing beard serum is the last and most important step of the beard grooming process, as it’s use will seal in moisture all day long, combat lifted hair cuticles to rid the beard of frizz, and leave you with a smooth, silky, shiny beard.

Charcoal & Licorice Restoring Face Wash by SCOTCH PORTER

Turn down that invite to the foam party. This low-foaming face wash is made of magic—with Charcoal, Licorice and SP’s secret Skin Renewal Complex, cleansing and rescuing dry skin without wreaking havoc on your skin’s natural pH balance. Our botanical enriched formula controls oil and shine, minimizing the chance of breakouts and maximizing your social life.

No Sulfates, Petroleum, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colors, Animal Ingredients. Not Tested on Animals.

Charcoal & Licorice Moisture Defend Face Lotion by SCOTCH PORTER

There is no greater burden to the skin than a lotion that feels like a 20 lb. slap in the face when you apply it. You won’t find that here. This very lightweight moisturizing lotion parties with Charcoal, Licorice and SP’s Skin Repair Complex, soothing and moisturizing dry skin. Our vitamin and botanical enriched formula controls shine, minimizes skin aging and visibly fades dark marks and blemishes, resulting in overall improvement to skin texture and tone. It’s like the Fountain of Youth in a bottle.

No Sulfates, Petroleum, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colors, Animal Ingredients. Not Tested on Animals.

Pre-Tied Bow Tie

 Just like icing on the cake, the bow tie is not just for decoration. All boxes come with a real, pre-tied bow tie that is ready to wear.

I’ve never owned a bow tie…and now I’m complete.


I’ve been using all of these products and really love them all. They work great and make a huge difference now that I’m ricking a little bit of a bread for the first time in my almost 40 years on this Earth.

If that looks great to you, but you still want to see more options of dopeness? Here are some other options:

  • The Whiskey Enthusiast ($99.99): The perfect gift for the man who appreciates a good glass of whiskey. This box features an Oak Bottle that allows you to bring the best of your whiskey within a matter of hours, enjoy it in a fine glass with the Riedel Nachtmann Bossa Nova Whiskey Tumbler, and more.
  • Speakeasy Host ($99.99): This Prohibition Era style set is the perfect gift for a man who loves to throw agreat party. The box contains the tools, such as a W&P Design Mason Shaker Barware Set, and recipes like The Hella Company bitters to take his bartending skills to the next level.
  • The Bearded Gent ($64.99): This box is the gift for the guy who loves a good hair day – facial hair included. The Baxter of California Pomade Mixer Kit and The Hairy Gentleman Artisan Beard Balm will ensure he never leaves home unkempt. High-res image available here.
  • The Whiskey Enthusiast Groomsman Gift ($84.99): Show appreciation for the best men in your life with agift they’ll be sure to love – the gift of whiskey. The box is available for custom personalization and features a tux-wrapped Oak Bottle, Ultra Leather Coasters and anything else he may need to cheers the big day with you.


I think I dropped enough on you, right? What do you think? This is a great and unique purchase or gift if you’re a man that’s a gentleman or if you are looking to get something awesome for one. Any company that puts as much thought and effort into it’s packing presentation screams a company that cares about it’s product and it’s customers. It’s definitely something to think about as it’s quality and style that’s hard to beat.

To find out more about A Gentleman’s Trove, please check out:


Guy and the Blog LLC received product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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Kathy Kenny Ngo November 7, 2016 - 7:42 PM

I saw plenty of positive reviews about The Bearded Gent and I am quite convinced with its efficiency. I will tell my brother to try this.


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