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Make your Suit Pop like a Proper Gent with Rampley & Co.

by Bill Sweeney


Do you wear suits often? It seems like more and more of us don’t get a chance to in these hyper-casual days. I like wearing a suit, it makes me feel much more put together, much more like a gentleman. The old days where all men wore suits, ties, and hats seems so far off, but I get the feeling that they had it right. People act differently, more professional and more refined when they are rocking a nice suit. And what better way to show your personal style and that you “get it” than with a snappy pocket square? It’s a truly gentlemanly touch that may seem small but makes a big difference. It’s the attention to details that always count.

As I don’t get to rock a suit too often, it’s just that much more important that I do it correctly when I do. When I’m looking for some luxury men’s accessories to really make my suit pop, I turn to a company in London called Rampley & Co.


Rampley and Co. was born out of a passion to create elegant pocket squares through innovative design, the best available fabrics and quality craftsmanship. They felt that by working with exquisite materials such as Harris Tweed or collaborating with partners such at the National Gallery in London, they could create men’s fashion accessories that were truly interesting and unique.

I love the thought behind this, but I love the quality even more. Their men’s silk pocket squares are printed in a factory with a rich history in Macclesfield, an area famous for English textiles for over 300 years, as the company looks to blend new ideas with the historical roots of British fashion.

Also known as a pocket handkerchief, every fold and color combination says something about the man wearing it. Not sure which fold style is for you, check out this guide! I’m all about the flat fold.


To make their style that much more unique and that much more impressive, they’ve worked with some of the most significant art institutions around the world including the Tate, the National Gallery, the V&A and the British Museum. To help you get the most our of your pocket square they’ve even created a section on how to fold a pocket square along with articles such as how to match ties and pocket squares.

To top it off, they graciously include some really proper, metal tie-stays in the box. Nice touch, indeed.

I’m loving these pocket squares, for sure. They say that clothes make the man and I think that’s true. And if you want to make the clothes that make the man, you have to accessorize the right way…like a true British Gentleman.

The find out more about how you can up your style game like a gentleman, please check out:


Guy and the Blog LLC received product for the purpose of this review. All love of being a proper gentleman is my own.

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Eloise November 6, 2016 - 3:16 PM

what a great idea for adding flare to a suit… great look for the guys!


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