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Get Your Smart Home Even Smarter with Onelink Safe & Sound

by Bill Sweeney

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound kids dancing

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Smart Home

The smart home, the smart home, the smart home. There’s just no stopping what is being created to make our home lives a little but more convenient and connected. From apps that can run all the lights in our homes, to smart refrigerators, we are becoming more and more connected. While there are so many speciality products out, it’s always good to be able to rely on trusted brands that have delivered quality for many years. There’s also something to be said for a product that is smart enough to tackle more than one task at a time. This is why I have to tell yo about the pretty fantastic First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound.

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound product close


This innovative product is a 3-in-1 triple threat! First, it’s an intelligent smoke & carbon monoxide alarm with remote notifications, but it’s also a premium home speaker with a great sound experience as well!! Finally, this baby has Alexa built right into the unit!! That’s right, you and your family can talk to Alexa in your Safe & Sound. We LOVE Alexa, and this is just such a bonus for us. It’s a pretty awesome idea when you think about it, right?

I just love how the First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound does so much. The unit even has a customizable night light. They really have thought of everything.

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound install


Installing the unit is really easy if you already have a wired smoke/CO alarm. I was fortunate enough to have a couple. The process required a ladder, a screwdriver, and my iPhone. First, I simply unscrewed and removed the old alarm and base. Next, I attached the base to ceiling with two screws. It fit exactly where the old unit was. Then, you grab your Onelink and simply plug the wire into the unit. If your wire does not match, there are extra wires and connections included with the Onelink. That would likely involve simply unscrewing the current wires and screwing in the new wires. Finally, download the app, and go through the simple instructions to connect the unit to your smartphone and you Alexa account. It took me less than 5 minutes…all in. Now that’s what I like to see.

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound on ceiling

Having Fun and Keeping Safe

Having such a smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm really lets me rest easier. I love that I have all the alerts in the palm of my hand. First Alert has been a leader in home protection for so long, and that gives me even more comfort. As far as having Alexa and the speaker in the unit…it’s dance parties all day long now. It’s just so easy to call Alexa from all around the home now, and strike up the band! It’s full access to our favorite digital assistant wherever and whenever we need it!!!

On top of this, the speaker puts out awesome sound to boot. The sound really pops and even better coming from the ceiling. It’s like having a custom sound system installed. Finally, having the customizable night lights in the bedrooms and hallways are great for the kids. It’s just another feature that really makes the unit that much more valuable and comfortable.

See Onelink In Action

Check out this video to see the Onelink in action…

More Info

What more could you ask for in a smart home product? This 3-in-1 product is just so convenient – it really makes my family’s life that much easier and more enjoyable. It’s a really smart addition to the home, literally. It’s designed really well, it looks great, and it has a ton to offer.

To find out even more about the First Alert Onelink Safe& Sound, be sure to check out  onelink.firstalert.com. You can also check out First Alert on Twitter and Facebook, or search #OneLinkStory.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Stacie June 26, 2018 - 7:12 AM

That is so amazing. The future really is now. I love that this adds such an intense layer of safety to the home while doubling as a speaker. That is so cool!

Brandy June 26, 2018 - 6:28 PM

This is really great. I love being able to have a safe home. I love First Alert brand too, they have always been my go to, glad they have new options!

Brianne June 26, 2018 - 9:46 PM

This is so amazing. We so need this in our home! Looking into this brand ASAP!


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