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Homemade Soda Minus the Hassle

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with SodaStream. All opinions and love expressed are my own.

Soda and sparking water are great drinks. Period. It’s just really delicious and really refreshing. But aren’t most things better when they are fresh and made just for you?? If you are like me, you are ready to make homemade soda or sparking water and make your house into your own personal soda shop!! On top of the awesome flavor and taste, you’d also be reducing all of that bottle and can waste, to boot!! There is a little bit of a drawback, though. One of the key components of making all these great drinks is the magic of the bubbles, or CO2 in particular!! And with that, comes the hassle of the dreaded co2 exchange! Dun, dun, dahhh!

Never Slow Down Your Fresh Soda and Sparking Water

As much as I love making my own drinks in the comfort of my home, running out of those vital CO2 canisters is always a pain!!! And it always seems to happen the most when you’re in the middle of having a party, right? While making all of that soda is awesome, keeping that machine running is sometimes not.

When dealing with those vital CO2 canisters, there are issues that I would rather do without. Issues like the unfair return late charges, the printing of my own label, finding a drop-off location just to send an empty canister back, and the constant retailer visits hoping for an in-stock exchange are always a concern. I was happy with the product but finding an easy CO2 exchange was always something I was searching for. Until now.

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Soda Sense CO2 Refills

Soda Sense is a game changer for all of you out there that love making your own soda and sparking waters. It’s a door-to-door CO2 exchange and exchange program for at-home soda machine users. Soda Sense believes that CO2 refills should be available for door-to-door delivery with no limits or restrictions. The world is online, so why shouldn’t your C02 be as well!?!? That’s why Soda Sense is so outstanding for me!! CO2 refills and exchanges are no so easy, I will never run out. It’s all how it should be, on-demand and right in mailbox! What can I say, I’m spoiled.

How Soda Sense Works

I love how easy and user-friendly Soda Sense is. Get started by signing up for free and then choosing the right package for you. Don’t worry, this was easy to do as there are three easy options. Either you have one canister that’s currently in use and no others, you have one canister in use and one empty, or you have one in use and two empties. That’s it.

You will receive an exchange box in the mail. Keep the box, the plastic canister caps, and the prepaid USPS shipping label that’s included until you are ready to rock.  When you have two empty 60L CO2 canisters, you can use that box and included return label to mail in your the canisters. Remember, these canisters can be of any brand. Awesome. Once Soda Sense receives the box, they will refill your two empties at a membership rate of $44.44 and mail them right back. Easiest CO2 exchange ever. I love a company that performs and service that fills a consumer need and just looks to do things a little better. 

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Why It’s Better

Soda Sense built a CO2 refill and exchange program that is fair for all and inclusive to all 60L canisters no matter the brand. This is a user-friendly, sustainable, and, most importantly, effortless way for you and me to get that CO2 when we need it in the easiest possible way!

Take note, though, that there are also a lot of no’s with the Soda Sense program. And thank goodness for that!! I’m talking about no monthly minimum, no monthly fees, and no gimmicks. There’s also no subscription required. See, a lot of no’s but who said no is always a bad things?? In this case, it’s a pretty great thing. How about that for treating the customer right!!

Most similar services require you to leave your home and drop off the cylinders at a designated drop-off location. Then you have to go through the process of ordering refills through the website. With Soda Sense, there’s no more driving to a store. You don’t even have to get out of your pjs if you don’t want to!!  You just get your CO2 on-demand, in your mailbox, when you need it. It’s super simple and perfect for today’s busy lifestyle. Don’t you agree?

Find Out More

Are you like me and ready to make homemade soda and make your house into your own personal soda shop, but with a lot less hassle associated with the CO2 exchange? I’d say you probably are. If so, be sure to look for the best way to get your CO2! It’s called Soda Sense and you can start today if you click here right now! You will get 10% off your first purchase if you do. Not too shabby for this busy and expensive time of year!! Cheers!!

Save time, save the hassle, save money, and save the environment. Plus get a great tasting drink, too!!! Find out all about fantastically easy Soda Sense CO2 exchange service on SodaSense.comInstagram: @SodaSenseOfficial,Facebook: @sodasenseTwitter: @Soda_Sense,or search hashtag #SodaSense!!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with SodaStream. All opinions and love expressed are my own.

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Oooohhh! I’m a huge fan of sparkling water and making homemade soda with Soda Sense, sounds like the answer for me. The program sounds fantastic and the refill and exchange program sounds like a great additional benefit, as well. I’m super intrigued.

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