Happy Cards are the Holiday Season’s Gift Card

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This is a sponsored post in partnership with Happy Cards®.

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to buy gift cards like Happy Cards®! I know, I know, it’s too early to think of gift cards for sale and for the holidays in general. It seems like it was just back-to-school, right?

Time to Buy Gift Cards

As much as it seems to be light years away, December 24th and 25th will truly be here before you know it! Remember, Thanksgiving is in the middle and all of the holiday fun will start soon. This means that the days, nights, and weekends will be busy. Time will fly, things will come up, and it will be time to pass out the presents and put them under the tree very soon.

Christmas is a big deal for many millions of us. It’s a time of fun and family, but it’s also a time when most people spend more money than they will be spending for the rest of the year combined!! In my family, it seems there are more and more people to buy gifts for with each passing year. And with each passing year, people’s wants and needs seem to become more and more complex. There’s just so much to think about, there are times where my wife and I just can’t even think of what to get people. That’s where Happy Cards® come in.

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Happy Cards®

Happy Cards® are the best. Period. These perfect gifts feature restaurants, retailers and entertainment venues from the top gifting categories. This is the best retail around, all on one new type of gift card.  They’re a line of bundled-brand gift cards made especially for specific recipients or occasions, such as Happy Beauty, Happy Student, Happy Moments, etc.

For example, The Happy Holidays Happy Card is good at popular shopping destinations and restaurants, including Macy’s, Ulta, GameStop, Lowe’s, Chili’s, Red Lobster, P.F. Chang’s! Take a break from shopping to grab a bite…or pick up some great gifts on the way to lunch or dinner! It’s the perfect pairing! But be sure to act now, since this is an exclusive release just for the holiday season!

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Gift of Choice

Finding the right gift for so many different people can really make my head spin. And the task never seems to get easier…unless I’m smart about it! I’m all about making it easy on myself. You should always look to do the same. Give the “gift of choice” with the newest gift cards on the market!! I love these Happy Cards®!! It’s easy on the giver, but it’s also personal enough that the receiver knows you gave their gift thought.

I love that the one gift card can be used in a variety of places he or she enjoys, and also gives the gift an added value of choice and can relieve the pressure of finding the perfect gift.

One massive bonus for me…there are no activation fees to purchase or use Happy Cards®. This is big as many cards today charge upwards of $6 in fees just to activate!! That’s a big expense that Happy Cards® are, um happy, to not charge.

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Win a Happy Card

To really get you excited and into the holiday spirit, I wanted to give you the chance to win The Happy Holidays Happy Card with a $100 value!! Please enter below for your chance to win!!

Happy Cards – Guy and the Blog

Get Happy Cards® Now

Each Happy Card gift card offers the freedom to eat, shop and play at any of the brands featured on a single card. They’re available at Gift Card Mall displays at retailers nationwide, and online at Also, be sure to check out @givehappycards on Facebook and Instagram as well as search #givehappy all over social media!!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Happy Cards®.

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