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I Love the Chelsea Market in NYC

The Chelsea Market has been around for a while, before Chelsea was uberhip and the MPD (meatpacking district) basically stopped packing meat (though there are some holdouts) and started packing stilettos and $20 cocktails. In the former Nabisco factory where the great OREO cookie was invented, holds a foodie market in a class by itself. It’s a destination for people that love food and has since morphed into a hub for creative companies and innovative restaurants. The overall vibe is very, I hate to say it, “New York” with its cool feel and industrial look. The center hallways takes you by a world of goodies including Amy’s Bread, Hale and Heary Soups, Jacques Torres Chocolates (what hot chocolate…spicy Mexican is amazing), and Ronybrook Dairy among many others. Great restaurants too have arrived including Morimoto (of Iron Chef fame) and Buddakan. It’s truly a great experience. Save room in the belly and the wallet when you’re near Chelsea.

Chelsea Market

And the NY Times just wrote about it

By Bill Sweeney

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