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Tiger Comes Out of His Cage

by Bill Sweeney

I believe this is Tiger after hearing about the new Hooters PGA tournament

I would think you all know about Tiger Woods and his “heartfelt” apology. It wasn’t bad, but I mean there were times where he forgot he was the s-bag here and seemed to get irked that this was made into anything. I mean, the world’s best player in the most popular (maybe soccer, too) sport covorts with a bunch of Hooter’s chicks while married with infants. I don’t care what the guy does, but I mean c’mon Tiger. The tourneys, endorsements and women may or may not come back, but who cares? You’re a billionaire at 34. Try to mend as many fences as possible, be sincere, and it all will come back. The US is very forgiving of famous and/or talented people. Anyway, I hope this means an end to the dopey Tiger jokes and spoofs.

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Tiger Comes Out of His Cage was last modified: August 4th, 2014 by Bill Sweeney

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