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Liam’s First Penance, Natalie Went Ice Skating and Caleb Finally Got Some Pro-Pic Love (Fav Fam Pics Junior)

by Bill Sweeney

You know how it is, when things first happen, and you are all excited about having a living, breathing human around to take care of. Oh the ambitious, amazing agenda of things you have planned for the little ones. You will walk the moon, and cure cancer, surf with Yaks, and do jumping jacks at a Tibetan monastery. It will be amazing…you will even take a lot of professional pictures of the kids to hang and to share with everyone.

Well, yes, you do try to go a lot of things like classes and trips to the photographer. And it works for a while, it may even work for years…with the first kid. Then the second kids comes and, while the effort and results are good, they are definitely a little less aggressive in nature and result than with your first precious little baby. Fast forward 5 1/2 years to the third kid…does that kid even need to take a bath? Seriously, didn’t he eat today already? I have an iPhone and Facebook…solid…

So, today, for the first time since the baby was 3 mos or so…we took him to Picture People to get some cool shots. The grandparents have been bitching and we felt guilty. Groupon…take my guilt away! Vera picked up a good deal for the package. The shoot went very well, Caleb was a great boy (with a fresh new cut as of this morning)…the boy knows how to “cheese it” as you could well imagine. He’s been trained for sure. Of course, the many came out with the super duper multi-pic, awesome pro-frame, CD in hand, all in and then some package…sorry, sir, we have a Groupon. To he honest, we did get 2 more 8x10s b/c there really were 6-7 really nice shots of the baby.

I took some “behind the scenes” action…he was a natural…

Caleb Pic People Collage 1-30-15

Natalie went to an ice skating party and had a ball. I had to stay the whole time because she’s only been one time before and was not sure she could do it herself.  She was awesome, really…she’s good at so much when she just gets the confidence up to get to it. She was skating in the middle of the ice in no time flat…it was really great to see. And it was even more great that I was able to watch from afar. I’m all about getting in the mix…but things like ice skating (malaria, sky diving into a shark tank) is something I could basically do without if given the choice. But she was rocking and rolling…it was a fun party, for me and her.

Sorry some of the shots are not great…but you get the progressive drift of the thing…

Natalie Ice Skating Collage 1-30-15

To round it all out, my Liam-boy had his First Penance (a sacrament in the Catholic Church). He took it all in stride and as not nervous at all to talk about the baddies with the priest…of course, the list was a bit, um, edited down, then I would have thought it should have been…but this is to be expected..LOL. We all went out to lunch afterwards…it was a nice day for sure.

Liam First Penance Collage 1-30-15

It was a good week indeed…hope the same was true for you!

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