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It’s Time to Make Holidays Happen with ALDI

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It’s getting to be that time. Holiday crunch time. Oh yes, yes indeed, I speak the truth to you. It’s that wonderful time of the year again. I love it. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Christmas then comes screeching toward you at warp speed and New Year’s seems like it’s the very next day. It can really be a whirlwind, but preparing and utilizing all the tools you can will make for a much easier and more pleasant experience – for you and for your guests. That’s why I wanted to partner with ALDI and share what an outstanding partner they can be for you this holiday season!!


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Getting Down to Business

If you haven’t come across ALDI yet, you are definitely missing out. The place is rocking on so many levels. ALDI goes back-to-basics to keep their costs down for customers because they know that sometimes less is more. They keep it simple and they keep it lean, focusing on providing you with awesome product at an awesome price. The stores are smaller (about 17,000 square feet) and are all about the food, not non-essential services, like in-store banking, pharmacies and check cashing. Everything is designed to be a simpler experience, from having only four or five aisles to make shopping pretty quick and easy to shelving our products right in their display boxes, which makes restocking faster and easier for their employees.


High Product Quality

Ok, so they run a tight ship to serve us better. That’s great, but you are probably wondering about the product. ALDI is all about quality – guaranteed. The folks at ALDI take their time choosing products so quality and freshness is guaranteed. They also make sure products are the highest-quality, so customers can pay far less for far better. They’ve even made a big move to get rid of added MSG, certified synthetic colors and partially hydrogenated oils from ALDI exclusive food brands! Feel-good food is easy to find with clearly marked labels on the front of the packages. I mean, ALDI is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a Double Guarantee: If for any reason customers don’t like an ALDI exclusive brand food, they’ll give the customer their money back and replace the product. You can’t beat that.


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Best Prices

Ok, so how are the prices, right? Customers will find fresh meat, bread, dairy, product and household items at ALDI while saving up to 50 percent* on their grocery bill. How do they do this? Their stores are 90 percent ALDI exclusive brands – with a few national brands mixed in. They also buy up large quantities of customers’ favorite products, saving the company money while filling stores with the most popular products in the most popular sizes. Those savings get passed on to us, the customer.


Holiday Awesomeness In Action

So how does all this make prepping for the holidays easier and better? I was lucky enough to see ALDI in action just other night when I enjoyed an amazing dinner in Brooklyn, NY at Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen prepared by Carla Hall herself using amazing ALDI products!!! I even got to help her whip up some egg whites…a very fine job if I do say so myself.


The space was cozy, homey, and quite comforting. And what’s more comforting than hors d’oeuvres/cocktail hour time! I love small bites like this, it really makes it work for me and it gets all of your guests eating, drinking, and being merry…fast and easy. We enjoyed meat, cheese, and crackers that we so good! ALDI offers premium and gourmet cheeses throughout the year, with some seasonal treats like their cinnamon goat cheese, are only available during the holiday season. We also enjoyed an amazing charcuterie board including Specially Selected Prosciutto, Sopressata, and a wide variety of crackers and breads to accompany it all!!!


The Main Event

It was finally dinner time!! We all enjoyed a truly delicious meal. Every single thing was outstanding. The dinner consisted of an amazing pineapple glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, an unreal squash and baby kale salad with bacon dressing, chicken pot pie over corn waffles, vegetable ragout, brussel sprouts, and aspargus and almonds with garlic cream sauce…100% ALDI products used and 110% mouthwateringly delicious.


For dessert, the spread was impressive and very satisfying. How about some ridiculous butter croissant bread pudding? Delish. ALDI is also known for its delicious German chocolates – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, flavored chocolate – as well as amazing cookies, and it all did not disappoint. For the holidays, we have items like cocoa dusted truffles, Christmas figurines and a wide selection of chocolate covered nuts.


Deliciousness, please…aldi-make-holidays-happen-2016-8

ALDI has you covered in the drinks department, too! ALDI offers a variety of coffee flavors available at everyday low prices, including their new Barissimo coffee line, which includes whole beans, iced coffee, ground coffee and single serve cups. I enjoyed an excellent Cinnamon Bun Iced Coffee with my dessert. To top it off, many ALDI stores offer award-winning wines – and world-class beers, too. Their wines come from the popular wine-growing regions throughout the world, and beer from Holland, Germany, Latin America and here in the US. Of course, due to some state and local laws, not all ALDI locations sell wine and beer.


ALDI even has a great selection of holiday decorations for the inside and outside of the home, serve ware, cookware and barware, all to make preparing your holiday dinner a little simpler this year.

An amazing night, a holiday dinner to die for, and a great time had by all. I can’t wait to get to ALDI and help my wife stock up and get ready!


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALDI.

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Favorite Photos

Fun Friday Favorite Photos of the Week #9 – Thanksgiving Parade Edition

This was a good week…we have some pics of Natalie dancing up a storm at the Microsoft store, Celeb’s first “craft” (a cookie of course), and the main event…Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 6th row bleacher pics (thanks Pirate’s Booty)…hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy the long weekend.

Fav Fam Pics 11-28-14 4 Collage Fav Fam Pics 11-28-14 2 Collage Fav Fam Pics 11-28-14 3 Collage Fav Fam Pics 11-28-14 1 Collage


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A Very Happy, Healthy, and Blessed Thanksgiving To All

I wish you all the best on this, the very best of holidays. No presents, no expectations, just gratitude and thanks for all the blessings God has given to you, your family and friends, and this wonderful country we are lucky enough to call home. It’s a lot when you really stop and think about it. I hope you all take some time out to do it. That’s the type of celebration that I would hope we all can appreciate.

Take care.


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Fatherhood & Family Life

Home For Thanksgiving…And This Guy Got It Done

Well, because of Vera and her bedrest habit, we stayed at home, very low key and relaxing (somewhat, for some I guess) day. It was really nice, actually. Didn’t leave the house after I hit Fairway. I went early enough that it really was not bad at all…yet. Went in there looking for some basics and a couple of prepared options for the lunch and dinner exercise I was about to partake in. Newsflash…Fairway is amazing. TOO happy that it’s now 5 minutes away (along with Trader Joe’s and Shake Shack…hello).

For lunch, we went with an antipasto meal. Light an easy, but still good.

  1. Marinated artichoke hearts
  2. Salty, seeded bread, toasted in olive oil
  3. Grapes
  4. Olives (red, garlic stuffed green, and pimento stuffed green)
  5. Cheeses (fresh mozzarella with amazing olive oil and sea salt and NY sharp cheddar, and US Feta)
  6. And some beer (22 oz. Sapporo can)…not too shabby.

Everyone enjoyed, especially after I slaved our decade old TV trays that we used religiously in Queens but have not seen the light of day from the basement since.

After we stuffed ourselves on these goodies, I played with the kids and watched a little football (Cowgirls lost…nice). Then, I got to work planning the “main event;” The plan…

  1. 3.5 pound turkey breast…olive oil, salt, pepper, and sone seasoning rub (including sage)
  2. Stove Top stuffing with cranberries
  3. French’s fried onion green bean (fresh) casserole
  4. Basmati rice with raisins
  5. Sauteed brussel sprouts
  6. Honey glazed baby carrots
  7. Roasted butternut squash and craisins
  8. Cornbread and dinner rolls
After we gorged again.  By the way…Vera showed me the best GIF…basically, it was “Thanksgiving isn’t about eating until you are stuffed…Thanksgiving is about eating until you hate yourself.” I mean, that’s just ridiculously funny right there. Anyway, we relaxed and spaced out for about an hour or so.
After that, it was on to a nice, simple dessert…pumpkin and apple crumb pie with whip cream and ice cream…basked by the amazing folks at Fairway.
The best part of the meals…Natalie loved the turkey and pumpkin pie (both firsts for a ;picky little girl). Liam was good, too. And I think Vera enjoyed it. All-in-all, a pretty good day.  Then to top it off, Natalie finally lost her third tooth (literally almost a year after the first 2 came out). Had to fish it out of the drain pipe, but it was worth it…even if it cost me $5 (what??)!

Hope you all had a great day as well. Here are a few more pics from the day…


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