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The #ForcesAwakens With Stride Rite Star Wars Parent And Child Sneakers #starwars @striderite

by Bill Sweeney

Who does’t love Star Wars? Who doesn’t love sneakers? Who doesn’t love when kids have the same gear that adults have…it’s cute, no? Well, I have something that may just blow you mind right now. Yes, blow your mind…



What do you think of these fresh Stride Rite limited edition Star Wars parent and child retro joggers? Yes, you heard me right, Strite Rite and parent in the same sentence. This is epic, people…serious business.

Star Wars Stride Rite Sneakers

Pretty awesome, right? Even if you’re not a Star Wars crazy, you have to admit it’s awesome. Go ahead, I’ll let the haters mull it over…

Good now? Ok.

Star Wars Stride Rite Sneakers2

The sneakers are retro looking, for sure, which I’m all about. But they are also all Star Wars all the time. There’s no doubt about it. Just in time for the new, SUPER MASSIVE Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie that’s coming out. Where your love with pride.

The best part about it for me, though, is the absolute comfort. These sneakers really are comfortable. I’m not old, but I’m too old to car if I look cool to other people. What I do care about is having shoes that feel great when I wear them. Check that box.

Star Wars Stride Rite Sneakers 6

If I’m being honest (which I always am), I also love the name. We have been getting our little ones Stride Rite since 2005. It’s the only shoe we have to have. The comfort, quality, and heritage is a no-brainer for us. Plus, the kids love them. These are officially Caleb’s favorite kicks right now…always demanded. You can’t argue with that. The the most difficult critic I know.

Star Wars Stride Rite Sneakers 4

The adult Darth Vader sneakers come in sizes 8-13M while the mini me companion styles are sold kids sizes 4-10. The Retro Luke Skywalker Children’s Shoe retails for $45 and include silver Luke Skywalker artwork, premium suede uppers, specially-designed outsole with an iconic Death Star window emblem, a ship engine details and a Star Wars logo.

Here’s the kicker, folks:

Only 1,000 pairs available at StrideRite.com beginning October 25, 2015, for $100.

That’s not bad. Try getting other super limited edition sneakers for that price!!

Visit StrideRite.com for more information, or check out:

May the force be with you…or something like that.

Star Wars Stride Rite Sneakers 7

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