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“To Dad, From Kelly” Is Here To Help You Appreciate Dad This Father’s Day

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As families prepare to celebrate Father’s Day this month, it’s always good to have some perspective on life. Life is precious and fleeting and sometimes it takes a loss, of your own or someone else, to realize that. Father’s Day is great, but no one’s father will be around forever. Mine will not, nor will my kids. It’s a simple fact of life and one that most people don’t really grasp until it’s too late.

That’s why Kelly Lyte’s book,“To Dad, From Kelly,” is a perfect read for this time of year. The book features a collection of personal stories that began as a series of letters Kelly wrote to cope with his father’s death. His father is College Football Hall of Fame running back Rob Lytle, who graduated as The University of Michigan’s all-time leader in rushing yards before playing seven seasons for the Denver Broncos. It includes detailed lessons he learned from his father and the questions left unasked and unanswered in their relationship.

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Rob Lytle died in November 2010 from a heart attack at age 56, leaving behind a legacy more meaningful than his football stats. This memoir is all about a relationship with a father, reflecting on the values his life personified, both on and off the field. The moments Kelly remembers with his father created lasting life lessons that will resonate with other fathers and sons, as well as mothers and daughters, whether they’re football fans or not. By sharing these stories, Kelly hopes to offer meaning to others as they consider their bonds with their fathers – and the rest of their family members – on this holiday we often take for granted.

To give you a taste of what the book is all about, please check out Leave Your Ego at the Door (Excerpt From To Dad, From Kelly). You can also check out the Lessons From Dad Giveaway, where Kelly is encouraging others to remember lessons learned from their fathers as he celebrates the memory of his.

I hope you enjoy the book…and you dads…however you see fit.

Five (5) lucky Guy and the Blog readers will receive a copy of their own (either paper or ebook version)!

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Kelly Lytle is the author of To Dad, From Kelly, a memoir about his relationship with his late father, former University of Michigan All-American and Denver Broncos running back Rob Lytle. To Dad, From Kelly explores the lessons Kelly learned from his father and explores the questions between them left unasked and unanswered when his dad died at age 56. The memoir is an honest and emotional reflection on the bond between fathers and sons. Kelly lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and you can visit him at


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