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UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir – Main Card Preview And Predictions

by Bill Sweeney


UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir will be airing live this Saturday on PPV at 10 P.M. Eastern, from Las Vegas, NV.

The Nation got 2 out of 4 right on his UFC on Fox 3 predictions and is now 18 of 27 overall.

Tomorrow’s UFC 146 card will be unique in that the main card will be an all-Heavyweight card, as UFC showcases the top talent in their 265-pound division.

Stefan “Skyscraper” Struve (23-5) vs. Lavar Johnson (17-5) – Barely 3 weeks after his exciting KO win over Pat Barry at UFC on Fox 3, Johnson steps back in to the Octagon on ten days’ notice to fight Stefan Struve after Mark Hunt, Struve’s original opponent, had to pull out due to injury. Three weeks is  a very quick turnaround, even though the Johnson-Barry fight did not go past the first round and Johnson didn’t take much damage. Johnson is the new Pat Barry, the exciting fighter with KO power who is just below contender status but is a crowd pleaser because of his style.  Struve’s main advantages will be his height (6’11”), his reach and his ground game. However, Struve’s main weakness is Johnson’s strength – Struve can be susceptible to being caught by the big punchers, and  Johnson is a big puncher. Struve needs to use his reach to keep Johnson from getting inside, get it on the ground, and then use his long limbs to work for the submission. Prediction: Struve by submission

Stipe Miočić (8-0) vs. Shane Del Rosario (11-0) – This is an exciting battle between two of the top prospects in the heavyweight division. Both are undefeated, are about the same age, and don’t have much difference size-wise. Miocic has an impressive background, as he was a former nationally ranked NCAA Division I wrestler as well as being a former Golden Gloves champion. Del Rosario seemed well on his way to bigger and better things until getting seriously injured when his car was hit by a drunk driver in 2011, which almost ended his career. This will be his first fight since Feb. 2011. I think Del Rosario has a lot to overcome here – ring rust, as well as the recovery from the car accident. He’ll continue to go on to bigger and better things, but he’ll encounter a speed bump along the way with this fight. Prediction: Miocic by decision.

Roy “Big Country” Nelson (16-7) vs. Dave “Pee-Wee” Herman (21-3) – Nelson is a tough customer who can take a punch and is tough to finish (Of his 7 losses, only 1 was by KO and none by submission), while Herman is a guy whose wins have come mostly by KO. I don’t see Herman being able to finish Nelson, and I don’t see this going the distance either. Prediction: Nelson by KO

Cain Velasquez (10-1) vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva (16-3) – This is Cain’s first fight since losing his title last November, while Bigfoot is making his UFC debut. Silva might be called “Bigfoot”, but it’s Cain who’s the beast. He’s indefatigable, can take anybody down, and because of his gas tank, can be relentless with his assault on the ground. Does Cain have one punch KO power? No. But his accumulation of punches eventually takes its toll on his opponent. Silva is a good fighter, and can be a handful on the ground (just ask Fedor), but the only fighter whom I think can beat Cain right now is the man who did beat him for the title last year, and who’s defending his title on the main event in this card. Prediction: Velasquez by KO

For the UFC Heavyweight Championship: The Champion – Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos (14-1) vs. Frank Mir (17-5) – Junior was originally supposed to face Alistair Overeem instead of Mir, who was supposed to fight Cain for the #1 contender’s spot instead. However, Overeem was suspended by the Nevada Athletic State Commission for 9 months for having elevated testosterone levels  (A normal person’s T/E ratio is 1:1; Overeem’s was 14:1, Nevada allows up to 6:1, while the Olympics allows up to 4:1).  Mir was then called in to replace Overeem. Mir puts up a good fight (not to mention sells a great one too), and he’s a great submission artist. Cigano’s just gonna knock the bejeezus out of him though. Mir won’t be able to take him down, and if he tries, he’ll get a fist in the face for his troubles. I can’t see this going past 2 rounds, maybe 1 even. Prediction: Dos Santos by KO.



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