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Anthony Bourdain In Parade Magazine

I love Bourdain. His shows are awesome. Funny, educational, entertaining…travel and food mixed well together. Here’s a bit from a recent interview with Parade magazine:
Anthony Bourdain is as complex as the alleyways and stews he encounters on his globetrotting food show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.  Bourdain spoke to PARADE about how cooking saved him, his biggest misconception and whether or not he’d ever sit down for dinner with Paula Deen and Sandra Lee. Check out some highlights below….
What does he think of Paula Deen’s diabetes news? 
“I feel bad for her. But I would have made different decisions.”

If Paula or Sandra Lee invited you to dinner, is that something he would do? 
“Without telling anyone? If it’s not part of something cynical, then of course, come on. I’m friends with Ted Nugent for God’s sake. I’m all for someone who reaches out. I would be open. If someone invites you to sit down at their table in an honest, non-manipulative way, then sure, I’ve got a heart.”

What’s the biggest misconception about him? 
”I really hate to see the word ‘macho’ in any proximity to me. All of my important business partners are women and I am the product of Vassar College. But I can’t complain about any misconceptions. I became famous for Kitchen Confidential, which was very deliberately written in this sort of over-testosteroned pace I generally spoke with during the work hours of the restaurant. But, like a lot of chefs, I like to think I am a little more reflective when not at work. I can’t complain about how people perceive me. I’ve been treated well.”

If the chef thing didn’t work out, guess what he’d be instead… 
”Probably a failed, knucklehead criminal. The restaurant business taught me the really important lessons of my life, like showing up on time and respecting the people you work with.”

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