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Groom’s Guide To Getting Wedding Ready

by Bill Sweeney


With the peak of wedding season upon us, there are no shortage of tips-and-tricks to keep your bride looking blissful, spectacular and all around picture-perfect. But, while most say the day is about her – the groom also needs a little TLC when it comes to prepping for the big day. C’mon, don’t be shy…you know you want to…it’s 2013 or something.

Here’s a quick guide on getting wedding ready…be it yours, your buddy’s, your cousins, your second marriage…whatever!! ;o)

Diet Do’s and Fitness Routine: Months leading up to any big event can be stressful. But with the added pressure of knowing friends and family will be all-eyes-on-you adds to the mounting pressure. Optimize your well-being by changing up your regular workout routine, don’t be afraid to have fun and try something new.  Kickboxing, climbing or adding some local 5K runs/bike rides can keep it interesting.  When it comes to your diet, concentrate on fueling the body with healthy snacks, such as fruits and veggies – at a ball game?  Pick peanuts over popcorn for added protein, you’ll feel great, satisfied and happy to save the sugar binge for wedding cake and honeymoon!

Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream

Guys Grooming: You’ve already invested in a high-end wedding photographer, with an intimidating zoom-lens so every pore is on display. Start your healthy skin regimen now with Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream. It reaches deep down to the pores to remove dirt and oil. It conditions skin as it cleans, so you are left feeling soft, smooth and healthy-looking – without over drying.  And even better, it is dermatologist-tested, that you are guaranteed to have no adverse reactions on the big day. The one-of-a-kind, deep tingling clean will leave your skin feeling reinvigorated for a one-of-a-kind special day.

Dapper Duds: Once you’ve got the canvas to perfection, picking out a suitable suit or tuxedo is a cinch. Any classic, tailor made will work and stay in style for soirees to come. Want to spice it up? Highlight your spunky sense of style with fun colored tie options or pocket squares, whimsical cufflinks, patterned bow-ties or go completely classic with basic black.

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