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Help Your Pet’s Digestive Health This Thanksgiving With Holistic Select’s New Grain-Free Line (Plus Giveaway)

If you have dogs or cats, you know that they are part of the family. No doubt about it. We have two little Chihuahuas named Jack and Jill that have been around almost as long as Vera and I have been married, when they were the only kids in the house. Just like everyone else in your family, you as an owner are always thinking about how to care for them, especially when it comes to nutrition. What do you feed them? What’s the best for them as they age? It can be a daunting task when you walk into a pet store…so many options (it’s like deciding on what Oreo to buy).

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It’s especially good to think of what your pet is eating these days since it’s time for my favorite holiday of the year…Thanksgiving! Now, yes, Jack and Jill share just a tiny bit in the festivities and enjoy some turkey, stuffing, and maybe even some cranberry sauce. After, Jack and Jill just want to sit down, watch football, and pass out on the couch. But as they get older, we try to give them less and less table scraps since it’s not the best thing for their digestive systems.

Holistic Select has recently announced a brand-new grain-free line of awesome foods with savory pâté wet recipes for dogs and cats, and a new grain-free dry dog food recipe, Deboned Turkey & Lentils. This is important for a lot of owners, and it’s great to see Holistic Select offer new options. The new recipes include prebiotic support, natural fiber and natural botanicals such as pumpkin, papaya and pomegranate. The new recipes also have cinnamon, fennel & peppermint to help calm pet stomachs. The savory pâté wet recipes are sure to please the palates of deserving dogs and cats!

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Jack and Jill were loving the new food. They are usually dry-kind of dogs, so the wet was a welcome surprise for them. I know they thought they were eating people food…

So, maybe this November is the ideal time for you to start your pet off with a new diet from Holistic Select that helps with overall digestive health and has recipes that celebrate fall foods like turkey, lentils, and more.

No where did I put that antacid?

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