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Holy Smokes: Last Year In My 30s

by Bill Sweeney
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In the Sweeney household, November is kind of a big deal. The 11th is Veteran’s Day, which is love to honor. The 17th is out wedding anniversary, which will be our 14th this year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday by far because it about food, family, friends, and thanking God for all of my many blessings (no presents thank you very much). November 10th is my birthday, and it’s Vera’s as well. I know, that’s so crazy. We also put up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, and that’s always a good time.

So, as I said, it’s a big month for us. This birthday was my 39th, so that means I have a little less than 365 days left of being 30-something. I know many people that are 40, 41, 45, and it all seems like the same to me. Same soccer games, same kids in the same grades, same mortgages to pay. I will admit, however, that many of them do complain, be it real or psychological, that things maybe start to break down a bit once you turn 40. Maybe you don’t recover from a night out as well, You are a little bit more sore the day after hitting the gym. You have some aches, pains, and creaks that maybe you didn’t have or didn’t notice. Who knows, but I have a little less than a year before I find out.

I didn’t care when I turned 30, nor did I care about each birthday after that. I still act like a fool and do childish things and sing silly songs whenever I feel like it. Sure, I have 3 kids and a wife to worry about, but that shouldn’t make you cranky…at least not because you are old, right? I really don’t know how I will feel come 11/10/16, but I’ll find out soon enough. It’s amazing my 20s ended and it’s amazing I’m married for 14 years. It’s amazing I have a 10, 8, and almost 3 year old. It’s amazing we’ve been in our town for 8 plus years. The sands in the hourglass seem to speed up with each passing day. Maybe it’s because we all have a lot on our minds these days, from the kids to work to who knows what else. It’s constant, but that’s what makes the time pass. There’s no down time or chance to be bored. Maybe it’s simply because you see our little ones become bigger ones and it’s jarring and hard to comprehend. Maybe it’s because deep down we all want to stay young and keep our kids young and not have to worry about bigger and bigger issues. No matter what, the simple life is always appealing, whether we realize it or not. Or maybe realizing all of this is just God’s way of reminding us that we are only here for a short time and that we need to make the most of it, appreciate all of it, and never forget that one day it will all come to an end and hopefully we lived a full life that we could be happy with and proud of.

I know I’m not old, and I’m not pep talking myself. I’m not, and I don’t feel it. I like being experienced and not being a dopey kid (kids today are really dopey). Who knows what the future will bring. New jobs, new towns, new homes, new challenges. It’ll be a fun ride and I’m looking forward to it, no matter if I’m a 30-something or not.

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