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The Reality Of Untimely Celebrity Death

by Bill Sweeney

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As you may or may not know, ESPN broadcaster Stuart Scott passed away this past Sunday at the age of 49 from cancer. He has a wife and two daughters. He was about as famous as a sports broadcaster could be I would think and was considered by many to be a real trailblazer in his field. He made phrases like “boo yah” become household chants and “cool as the other side of the pillow” something we all would imagine being said of us and our respective sporting accomplishments. He has flair and style and always seemed to be bubbling over with energy and good spirits. He was big when I was big into sports, so I really saw him a lot of knew his “schtick” well…and really enjoyed it.

Then you hear he passes away and you can’t believe your ears. “It’s crazy, can that be true?” “I didn’t really even know he was that sick.” “I loved that guy.” “That’s unbelievable.”

All the emotions run through you even though he is a perfect stranger and you have no idea how he really is. All you know is that he entertained you quite a bit for quite a while and that it’s just sad that this part of your life and history is over.

Then, more importantly, as a 38 year old husband, father, and son, you start to really get sad and upset for all the reasons that one should get upset. Man, he was so young, had some much more life to live. What a shame. He had two daughters he seemed to live for…that’s so sad for them and his wife. What a tragedy. You start to well up, then maybe you cry a couple seconds. Yes, partly because of this loss and the loss of his family, maybe partly because a little tiny but of your youth just passed, but really because you put your self in his and their shoes. You think how horrible it would be to have that happen to you. Hey, why not, he was only 10 years older than me. Those poor girls lost their father. He had such a, presumably, good life. Poof, gone, over.

You really reflect on your life and all that you are blessed with. You hope that this never happens to you or anyone close to you. You pray that you live to a ripe old age and that you see your kids grow, have kids of their own, live a great life too. You want to stick around and grow old with your love, enjoy those grandkids, tell proud stories about your kids successes and how they used to be when they were little. My, how the time flies. It flies by right now, doesn’t it, but you still feel like there’s so much time left to go. 70, 80, 90, maybe like my grandma…99. That’s a long, expected life. Not 49, not when you are a famous broadcaster that everyone seems to love and respect. Not passing away when your kids are barely in high school.

100% true I cried a few times that Sunday and even the Monday after when the tributes and niceties came rolling in. You feel for them all but you can’t help but selfishly make it about yourself and your family. You suck it up, say a prayer, and do your best to appreciate what you have when you have it. I hope the feeling lasts a long time and I don’t forget. Otherwise the loss of Mr. Scott would be a complete waste for me and many millions more.

RIP, Stuart. Though it was short, I hope it was a good run. It sure seemed like it was. And there’s a little more of those tears.

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