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It’s The Right Time For PJ Masks And The NYC Fire Museum On National Superhero Day!

by Bill Sweeney
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PJ Masks 4

This past Saturday, my family and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the stars of Entertainment One’s hit animated TV series airing on Disney JuniorPJ Masks, at the really fantastic New York City Fire Museum in Manhattan. Now, to put this perspective, my 3-year old Caleb is literally obsessed with this show. He sings the theme song (PJ Masks, PJ Masks…I can’t think of a rhyme) all day long. And then I get it stuck in my head. He pretends he’s Catboy and Natalie and Liam have to play along as Owlette and Gekko. They have no choice. If they don’t it won’t end well for anyone. But I digress.

PJ Masks 7

In case you are not aware (how dare you), PJ Masks is a great show. Like most superhoros, the story is based on three kids who lead normal lives by day, where they are neighbors, classmates and friends. At night, however, they activate their bracelets, which link into their pajamas, turning them into their alternate identities: The PJ Masks. Together, they go on adventures, stop crimes, defeat villains, solve mysteries, and learn valuable lessons.

PJ Masks 12

This is a great show to celebrate National Superhero Day (April 28). To get more into the spirit of the day and of PJ Masks, check out the PJ Masks Official Hero Celebration Kit, which includes exclusive downloadable PJ Masks decorations, character masks, activity sheets and much more, so that your readers can get in on all the PJ Masks-inspired fun, too!

PJ Masks 8

So, we watched a show the kids loved, found out about some animated Superheroes, learned about some real-life heroes, and pretty much had a day for Caleb that may very well be right up there with going to Disney World. I’d say it worked out pretty well.

PJ Masks 9

To find out more about PJ Masks and how you can have your children be obsessed like mine are ;o), please check out:

Check out some more pics from the event and NYC Fire Museum below:

PJ Masks 6 PJ Masks 11 PJ Masks 5 PJ Masks 3 PJ Masks 1 PJ Masks 2

It’s The Right Time For PJ Masks And The NYC Fire Museum On National Superhero Day! was last modified: April 28th, 2016 by Bill Sweeney

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Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas May 3, 2016 - 8:53 AM

My kiddos enjoy watching PJ Masks, too! It looks like everyone had a great time at the NYC Fire Museum for National Superhero Day!

Crystal May 4, 2016 - 1:12 AM

All of the sudden, PJ Masks has taken over my home. My preschooler loooooves it. She would be falling over herself to meet them in person!


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