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Kronos Wants You To Know The American Worker Is Awesome And 1 In 100 Million #WorkforceStories #1in100MM

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.18.56 PMI came across a pretty awesome website. I like it. In fact, I think I love it. It’s called 1 in one hundred million and it’s devoted to sharing the personal stories of people, the American Worker, who do the many important and too-often unrecognized jobs upon which we all rely. It’s the day-to-day people that do the “dirty work.” They all keep American running. Sure, they are not in the news or on TV, but truly they are some of the superstars of our country. Hard work and honest pay is something that seems to be a bit under appreciated as rap videos and reality shows market and peddle quick bucks and flash.

1inamillion - Jennifer 1ina100mill Tracer

Most of the folks in these 1 in one hundred million videos, as far as I can see, are probably nothing like that…so I like them. While I’ve always personally had a white collar, office and home-based job, I know all about getting my hands dirty and about those that do.  I worked hard when I was a kid. From landscaping to building maintenance to lifeguarding there was no computer or fancy open concept workspace with a beer refrigerator in sight. My father was an NYPD cop, my uncle was a sanitation department mechanic, and most of my neighbors and friends’ family was all blue collar. Nothing fancy, nothing blingy, but all very important for all of us. Without people doing this work, we would not have the society we have today.

1inamillion - Jenny 1inamillion - Mike

I guess this has stuck with me, even when the world seems to seek out bling more and more. My friends include cops, firemen, and contractors. Yes, I know plenty of lawyers, engineers, and bankers that work their butts off, too. No one gets a free ride today, especially in ultra competitive and super expensive NY. I just appreciate Americans doing their work, quietly, competently, and to their best of their ability. This is what this site and this series is about. There are 100 Million great stories like this it seems. It’s good to shine some light on some of them and see how they go about their business.

You can check out all of their bios right here.

This awesome site comes from the folks at KronosEach month, Kronos releases a new video focused on one occupation – a firefighter, a nurse, a union electrician, and more. Here is a list of the outstanding videos they’re released so far:

  • Ep: 1 – Firefighter
  • Ep: 2 – Trauma Nurse
  • Ep: 3 – Produce Manager at grocery store
  • Ep: 4 – Union Electrician
  • Ep: 5 – Hotel Front Desk Agent
  • Ep: 6 – Restaurant Server
  • Ep: 7 – Teacher
  • Ep: 8 – Baseball Bat Maker, was MLB pitcher
  • Ep: 9 – Major in National Guard, works security for major events
  • Ep: 10 – Justina Pratt: Safe Start Swimming Instructor at the YMCA, Lake Nona, FL
  • Ep: 11 – Royce / Alligator Wrangler
  • Ep: 12 – Shannon NeSmith / Truck Driver
  • Ep: 13 – Zach Feary Stern Pinball, Chicago
  • Ep: 14 – Jenny Theuman, Zookeeper
  • Ep: 15 – Mike Perez, Sous Chef, Hearty Boy Catering, Chicago
  • Ep: 16 – Jennifer Miller, Retail Sales Associate MJ Christensen Diamonds

Check out Ep: 17 with Tracer Finn. He’s the Assistant Head of Lighting, Le Reve – The Dream (The Wynn, Las Vegas):

This was a great video. Very interesting. Tracer was drawn to lighting and got to see a lot of interesting technical work behind the scenes when he got his start as an 18 year old working the lights behind the scenes of his parent’s’ show, The Mickey Finn Show in San Diego. He’s worked with many big stars, ranging from Dolly Parton to Siegfried and Roy, set up and worked the lights on Cirque du Soleil’s “O”, and helped build the lighting system and opened Le Reve.

Tracer’s team works behind the scenes making Le Reve – The Dream come to life with 300 underwater lights, over 20 miles of cable in the pool, and 200 moving lights in multiple colors from the floor to 110 feet. It’s 360 degrees, top to bottom experience. It’s not easy. To do his job you can’t have a fear of heights, fear of water, or fear of failure. They have to be able to repeat everything and make it consistent because the lighting is directly related to how performers do their tricks. Every cue needs to be the same, and that’s key in gaining trust with the performers. It’s tough, each and every night. Tracer and his team is the backbone that enables the performers to be the stars.

1inamillion - Royce 1inamillion - William

It’s a great story about an interesting guy doing interesting work that you would really know nothing about. That’s really what this site and video series is all about.

If you want to see more, go and subscribe at and you will be fortunate enough to get emails letting you know when Tracer and all of the latest videos are live and ready to view. I subscribed right away and it’s been great.

1inamillion- Brett1inamillion - Justina

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This is a sponsored post with Guy and the Blog and Kronos. All opinions and appreciation of the videos in this review are entirely my own.

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Coming from a long line of military (uncle, grandfather was a POW, dad was Pararescue, three tours in Vietnam then I married a military man) I was happy to a see a soldier here. Most of our servicemen and women are truly unsung heroes. This is wonderful they’re giving attention to those positions that truly make the world go ’round.

I love stories of everyday people. My sister is a nurse and she is truly a hero. She will stop whatever she’s doing to help others.

Ooooo so many interesting stories!!!!! I will definitely be checking out Kronos!!! Love the message they are sending 🙂

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