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Magic Hat Brewery In South Burlington, VT Is Great


While we were away on our awesome New England vacation, I actually had a 20 minute span that was all about me. The family hung out in the car and I got to check out Magic Hat brewery. I have loved their beers for years. When i knew we were close to the source of the suds, you know I had to roll up in that spot…yo. And i did. Fo’ sho’. I mean, how awesome if this van…I mean, it’s no Ford Mustang, but it’s pretty sweet.

If you know Burlington, VT and you know Magic Hat beer names and labeling styles, I think you can create a pretty good idea of that the place looks like…trippy and hippy, man. The place totally matched the area and the marketing. Very cool, very laid back, very…Vermont.


There’s a ton of out there merch to purch, but the real deal is the self guided walking tour of the brewery…and the beer tasting. On the house, you get a card to stamp out 4 tastes, each approx. a shot glass worth.  I believe they had 8 beers on tap, including crowd pleaser and all-time great beverage No. 9. I loved all of the beers, and I love the chill, hippy, college-kid vibe going on. Everyone was very happy and pleasant and the beers fit the bill.


After I enjoyed and chilled for 5 minutes or so, I took a really quick jaunt to see the facilities. I love looking at that type of stuff. Factories and the manufacturing process fascinates me (loves Vermont Teddy Bear and Ben & Jerry’s in VT as well). It just amazes me how things get done.  So much goes into making just one bottle of beer, but man is the end result worth the effort. I have a really strong appreciation for this type of business and the people that found and work it. It’s true, honest work and something we need more of in this country. God bless them all.


One the way back I HAD to pick up a 32 oz growler of some Elderberry brew…for $6.50???? What? Unreal, what a steal. You know I still have that growler…and it is going no where. As a side, there are some Vermonters that think that is a high price tag…lucky bast*rds…

If you are in the Burlington, VT area, and you have a soul, check this place out…make the rounds with this, VT Teddy and Ben & Jerry’s…a great day and the kids will love it. Check out some of the goodies inside…

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