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The 1400 Miles Fellows Are Prostate Cancer Heroes #DoGood #dontfearthefinger

by Bill Sweeney
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I’m getting to be 40 and there are some things that need to be taken of soon…at least I think. Most guys, like myself, are a bit weirded out by it all, but…this is serious business. I’m talking about your health, now. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men. One new case of prostate cancer occurs every 2.3 minutes, and a man dies from it every 18 minutes.

That’s why a brave group of craft brewers and bike enthusiasts are taking “The Big Ride,” a 1400 mile bike ride organized by the non-profit 1400 Miles.

Using craft beer, bikes and a bit of humor, the 1400 Miles crew hope to eliminate the discomfort associated with discussing prostate health and encourage men to get checked. 1400 Miles is a non-profit organization that probes the conversation on prostate health. 1400 Miles raises money in efforts to engage male audiences through content-based strategies using bikes and beer as the catalyst to be proactive about prostate health. 1400 Miles serves both as a “get checked” pre-diagnosis and a “first response” post-diagnosis source of positive, inspiring stories.

“As prostate cancer rates continue to skyrocket, we’ve taken a unique approach at 1400 Miles, using beer and bicycles to break down social barriers and create real conversations surrounding the fatal disease,” Tucker said. “Prostate cancer is the one of the most common cancers in America, affecting 1 in 7 men. Our goal is to encourage men not to ‘fear the finger’ by providing prostate cancer screenings in a comfortable environment and biking with an incredibly strong crew to increase overall awareness.”

1400 Miles Fundraiser

Over two weeks of biking and plenty of pit stops for beer, 1400 Miles brings participants on the following route*:

Stage 1

  • Day 1 | Sunday, September 18 Redhorn Coffee House & Brewing Company to Brownwood, TX
  • Day 2 | Monday, September 19 Brownwood, TX to Sweetwater, TX
  • Day 3 | Tuesday, September 20 Sweetwater, TX to Lubbock, TX

Stage 2

  • Day 4 | Wednesday, September 21 Lubbock, TX to Clovis, NM
  • Day 5 | Thursday, September 22 Clovis, NM to Santa Rosa, NM
  • Day 6 | Friday, September 23 Santa Rosa, NM to Santa Fe, NM

Stage 3

  • Day 7 | Saturday, September 24 Santa Fe, NM – Local City Ride
  • Day 8 | Sunday, September 25 Santa Fe, NM to Abiquiu, NM
  • Day 9 | Monday, September 26 Abiquiu, NM to Pagosa Springs, CO

Stage 4

  • Day 10 | Tuesday, September 27 Pagosa Springs, CO to Del Norte, CO
  • Day 11 | Wednesday, September 28 Del Norte, CO to Salida, CO
  • Day 12 | Thursday, September 29 Salida, CO to Leadville, CO

Stage 5

  • Day 13 | Friday, September 30 Leadville, CO to Grand Lake, CO
  • Day 14 | Saturday, October 1 Grand Lake, CO to Lyons, CO
  • Day 15 | Sunday, October 2 Lyons, CO to Denver, CO

These guys are pretty much the dope. Heroes for sure. Give them a look and try to make a little bit of a difference.

To learn more about 1400 Miles and The Big Ride, please visit 1400Miles.com

Follow the journey on Twitter, @1400_Miles and #dontfearthefinger. 

DONATE: fundraise.1400miles.com

*Route subject to change.

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