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10 Things To Do At Home On A Friday Night

by Bill Sweeney

10 Things To Do

Friday nights end the long work week. There’s just a universal relief for most people (sorry if you work nights or weekends). It’s time to kick back, relax, and try to be human a little bit more. People LIVE for the weekends and Friday is the super dope appetizer you passed around the last time you went out with friends. It’s the intro and the ice breaker.

Sometimes, however, we also need to either take it easy and really relax or, maybe, try to save some cash every no and again (I know, crazy). Why not learn to take a fun Friday night at home, forget the hustle and bustle of the week and reconnect with your family with a fun Friday night in?

Here are 10 things to do at home on a Friday night:

  1. Homemade Mini Golf – using supplies you have around your home, design your own indoor mini-golf course. This can be fun with or without kids.
  2. Living Room Slumber Party – make a blanket fort with mattresses on the floor in your living room. Make popcorn and tell ghostly stories under the light of a battery operated lantern.
  3. Get Crafty – make some fun crafts using select supplies you have inside your home. Have fun seeing what you each create using the same list of supplies.
  4. Make Pizzas – go purchase a wide variety of pizza toppings, some pizza crust and sauce then set up the toppings in bowls as each of you create your own pizza to enjoy for Friday night dinner.
  5. Have a Movie Night – rent a movie that has been recently released, sit down together with some popcorn and enjoy a movie night in together.
  6. Build a Huge LEGO Tower – working together as a family create a magnificent LEGO tower, see just how big you can create this tower working together.
  7. Family Memory Time – sit down in a circle and take a turn sharing what your favorite moment was during the week, this is great to do every Friday night to reconnect with your family.
  8. Star Gazing – setup an outdoor area with chairs and blankets. Sit down to stare up at the stars and point out constellations or better yet? Connect stars to make your own “constellations”.
  9. Make an Obstacle Course – using furniture and items found within your home, create a family obstacle course and set up a timer to see who can complete it the fastest.
  10. Make Sock Puppets – go old school and make your own sock puppets, have your kids work together to make their own “show” and sit back to enjoy a laughter fest with the family.

There are so many things you can do at home on a Friday night, with or without kids. If you are home on a Friday night with just your significant other, try some of the above ideas anyway! If you’re a kid at heart, you’ll be young forever, or something like that. Don’t be a wet rag, staring at your phone or the TV all night long. C’mon, get with the program, people! As a side, you’ll probably start kicking up that old spark again…which would hopefully lead to an even more awesome Friday (late) night. But you didn’t hear that part from me.

Give it a go and let me know what you liked the most.

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