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9 Kid Summer Boredom Busting Videos from Sainsbury’s

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As part of their Summer campaign, Sainsbury’s have produced a series of videos to help parents keep their kids occupied over the summer – boredom busters. Presented by Nickelodeon presenters Jamie Rickers and  Anna Williamson, the activities are designed to provides hours of fun for low prices, no matter the weather.

Want to keep your kids occupied this summer in ways that won’t blow your budget? By Sainsbury’s have produced a series of boredom busting videos to help. Presented by children’s presenters Jamie Rickers and Anna Williamson, activities include making a Garden Golf course, Potion Making and Building a Bug City.

Ensure the kids are having fun in a creative and engaging way this summer, no matter the weather. Here are nine videos showing how:

Here’s How to Make Home-made Skittles

Here are some more fun videos:

1.      Make a Vinegar Volcano

2.      Garden Golf

3.      Pond Dipping

4.      Potion Making

5.      Ocean in a Bottle

6.      Friendship Bracelets

7.      Make Your Own Monster

8.      Build a Bug City

by Sainsbury’s Bumper Book of Summer is on sale now for £5, and its accompanying website, Boredom Busting Ideas provides step-by-step illustrations and further details on how to have a great summer with the whole family.

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