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Superman Makes Coin!

by Bill Sweeney

This is a really cool infographic. I love the comics and the movies. They do well and there’s a reason. People want an escape, they way good guys to win, and they want heroes to believe in. Superman pretty much emulates that to a “T.” An all-time great and a character that will never really go out of style. I mean, really…how can you not like Superman.

Anyway, it seems that most people do like him, given how much bank he brings in for all those involved. Hey, I support it. Given all the crass, disturbing, and generally crappy stuff around these days, how can you not support a good, wholesome, American character like this capturing the hearts and minds of Americans and people across the globe. There are most certainly worse things to root for.

The Man of Steel: From the Golden Age of Comics to Today
Courtesy of: Financesonline.com
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Superman Makes Coin! was last modified: August 28th, 2014 by Bill Sweeney

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