Catch Some Major Air with Thomas & Friends Sky-High Bridge Jump #WhenYouGiveThomas

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My son Caleb is 3. He’s an active boy. There’s a few things he loves. He loves to run, he loves to throw things, he loves to jump, and he loves just about any toy that moves (planes, trains, cars, and boats). All of the prior loves can and will be combined at any time, but really most of the time. He’s a whirlwind, a hand full, and a ton of fun. He’s a real joy and it always comes through in this wild and crazy play.

When looking for happy happy fun toys, there are some factors that seem to rise to the top. Caleb absolutely loves Thomas & Friends. He always has, especially since he’s watched this show and read these books since he was tiny. He also loves playing with trains and windy train track sets. It really captures his imagination. He can’t get enough setting it all up and experiencing all of the twists, turns, and jumps. I can’t blame him, I’m into all of that stuff too. As a result, we are always on the lookout for toys and games that will be as huge and as fun as Caleb is.

With Christmas coming, the search has now gone into hyperdrive. There are always a lot of options, but there are also always toys that stand out from the crowd for its distinct level of awesome.


As the calendar burns through November and into December, the reality that toys need to be purchased, and soon, sets in. What should we get? Has he seen something on TV he loves? What characters is he really into now? What has he been mentioning lately? If you’ve been hearing your little ones talk about “Thomas Jump” or the “jump toy” like I have, then I have some news to share that I think you’re gonna like. This Christmas may be all about the TrackMaster™ Sky-High Bridge Jump from Fisher-Price (Age Grade 3Y+).

Inspired by the Thomas & Friends “The Great Race” DVD where Thomas jumps to save the day, I’m pretty sure your child’s jaw will drop as he or she watches Thomas complete his most awesome stunt yet! The TrackMaster™ Sky-High Bridge Jump really brings the movie to life with fast-paced, high flying thrills. This train is ridiculously fun as it sends Thomas soaring over 2 feet through the air! We are talking about the largest Thomas playset set ever with over 8 feet of track, people! It’s pretty sweet indeed.


If you’re wondering why this toy is so cool, here’s a taste of the action. Thomas starts his journey packing some speed and no fear of heights! After a tall, spiral ascent with Harold the helicopter, Thomas speeds down a huge ramp and launches himself! Thomas soars through the air before landing safely on the other side and continuing his journey. When Thomas reaches the end of the track, Harold will lift him to the top of the ramp. Tip the hopper to drop the barrel onto the tracks and Thomas will push it into the cargo area. This one-of-a-kind Thomas & Friends™ train set also features a cargo hopper, waving flags, a barrel cargo piece, and removable Harold the helicopter.

Just like the entire Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ line from Fisher-Price, TrackMaster™ Sky-High Bridge Jump is a connectable, expandable, and super motorized toy that lets Caleb be the man and build his own custom-made motorized railway with awesome train sets, connectable expansion packs, and his favorite Thomas & Friends characters. It’s one of those toys you find yourself playing with and wondering why you didn’t have this when you were growing up. Sour grapes, sure, but now it’s time for you to enjoy under the guise of spending quality play time with your child. Oh, I know the game, I know it all too well, folks. All too well.


He’s obsessed, and so is his 9 year old brother. They haven’t stopped playing with it since we put it together!!!

This post is sponsored by Megan Media and Mattel. The opinions and ideas expressed here are our own.

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