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Eataly NYC’s NEW Sabbia by Birreria Is All About Ultra Fresh Italian Seaside Dining and Cocktails

by Bill Sweeney


If you’ve ever been to Eataly in New York, you know how amazing the place is. It’s chaotic, it’s frenetic, it’s packed at all hours, it’s cozy, it’s warm, and it has some of the most amazing Italian food in the world. From bars to restaurants to butchers, bakers, and cheesemongers…you can get your Italian fix in a big way. Anytime I’m anywhere near this place (hello Nutella Bar), I have to pop in. Even if just for some gelato.


One of the great spaces lies up on the 14th floor…the rooftop. It’s called La Birreria, and it’s a fantastic craft beer casual restaurant. It’s great, and it’s been great since it opened a few years ago. Recently, though, they created an Italian Alps-themed winter theme in the space…and everyone loved it. So, what is an uber ambitious and equally successful Eataly to do? Well, make it into a spring and summer appopriate, Italian beach-themed space called Sabbia, of course. Silly.


SABBIA, an Italian seaside restaurant on the roof, is a pop-up that will feature the best coastal food and drink under the sun. SABBIA, Italian for “sand,” will transport visitors from the hot pavement of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue to Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. The laid-back environment draws inspiration from the waves and breezes of the Italian coastline (think: the breathtaking Domus de Maria in Sardegna, beautiful city of Rimini in Emilia-Romagna, and the famed island of Capri) and comes complete with cabanas for toasting the summer inside and a retractable roof for basking in the sunshine.


The space was perfect. Open, fresh, beachy, fun. It hit the spot on all accounts and I can see when the weather is warm and the roof is open, this place will be rocking.

With Executive Chef Fitz Tallon at the helm, the menu will feature delicious, easy-to-eat coastal fare that celebrate both land and sea. Try light and fresh grilled meats, seafood, and veggies. Pretty much just what you are looking for when it’s hot. Some of the awesome includes Gamberetti alla Bagnara (seared shrimp with bagnara sauce); Penne allo Scoglio (Afeltra penne with squid, shrimp, Manila clams, and white wine); Bombette (grilled steak stuffed with Caciocavallo); and Pesce Spada allo Beccafico (grilled swordfish with breadcrumbs, garlic, onions, Parmigiano Reggiano, currants, green olives, parsley, and lemon). Everything was perfect and spot-on for the space and the vibe. Even the grilled zucchini was great. The food all really meshed well with the delicious cocktails and the overall care-free, beachy vibe of the space.


If that wasn’t even, there are also Island Creek Oysters, a sustainable oyster farm anchored in Duxbury Bay, Mass.. Sabbia is paring up with them for an amazing oyster bar set up on the deck of SABBIA, where the oyster-shucking action in their signature ice-filled boat will heighten the coastal theme of the space.


I’m not a huge cocktail guy, but I have to admit, these were really good. I mean, very clean and refreshing. Again, perfect for the place. The full drink menu will feature 12 specialty cocktails and non-alcoholic refreshments, as well as an extensive selection of over more than 50 beers and wines. Signature drinks include the Hoppy Hour, made with Absolute Citron Vodka, fresh carrot juice, ginger honey, and lemon; the Limone-Jito, made with Kraken Spiced Rum, Meletti Limoncello, passion fruit puree, lime, and mint; and the Pesca Fresca, made with peach puree, rosemary, lemon, and sparkling water. I also really enjoyed the Sorrento Spritz, made with Flor Prosecco, Mint, Cucumber, and Sorrento Lime Juice, and the Italian Riviera Spritz, made with Aperol, Niasca Mandarinata, and Lurisia Sparking Water. One was better than the next. And the really chill bar staff was good enough to pour me some of their tap beer, including some great Baladin Nora, Grimm Neon Lights, and two house made cask-conditioned beers. Everything was stellar.

I mean…cabanas…


The grand opening is set for today at 5 p.m. Friday, April 29!

SABBIA will be open through October: Sunday through Wednesday from 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m.-midnight. Reservations aren’t required but are available on OpenTable.

To find out more about Eataly NYC, please check out:

To see some more pics of this great new space, take a look below:

IMG_5057 IMG_5047 IMG_5045 IMG_5053 IMG_5054 IMG_5050 IMG_5062 IMG_5064 IMG_5073 IMG_5075 IMG_5071

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Monica April 29, 2016 - 11:22 AM

How exciting! I’m off to NYC next month and Eatly is a favorite. I’ll be sure to check this out. Thanks so much!

Rosey May 1, 2016 - 7:15 AM

Looks like a nice place to spend some time. The pictures certainly look amazing!


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