Family Movie-Night was Absolutely Rocking the House with SING Special Edition on Blu-ray & DVD!!

I have partnered with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment for this post. All opinions are my own.My family loves movie-night. PJs, blankets, hot popcorn. You can’t beat it, especially on a cold, dark night. My family also loves to sing and dance. So when there’s a family movie that hits Blu-ray and DVD that is all of this and then some, we are all over it. That movie, for sure, is SING Special Edition!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it yet, SING is a wonderful, funny, heartwarming film with great music and a fantastic cast. The singing and dancing is great, the story is awesome, the characters are lovable, and the songs are classics and done very well for this movie. I mean, this movie was The Golden Globe nominee for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song!! SING features more than 65 hit songs including ‘Faith,’ a brand new song by the legendary Stevie Wonder (featuring Ariana Grande), marking his first song for a major film release in 25 years.

Even better, Special Edition includes over 60-minutes of bonus content and will incorporate three all-new entertaining mini movies featuring the cast from SING as well as an exclusive Tori Kelly music video and a variety of musical extras. We’ve watching this from “front to back” threes times already!

To get a taste, or a fun reminder of how awesome this movie is, check out my favorite, Mike, the crooner! Old school is the best school!

SING is the musical comedy event of the year! Pick up a copy of the SING Special Edition Blu-ray in stores for your next family movie night. It’s a great reason for Family Movie-Night!! Enjoy it with your family today!!!

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