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Father’s Day Freshness Alert: TEMPUR-Cloud Soft & Lofty Pillows! (PLUS GIVEAWAY) #Pillowperks

TEMPUR-Pedic Pillow-Box

Have Your Ever Slept?

I have. It’s a pretty awesome thing to do when you’re tired. When I do sleep, I sleep pretty well. In fact, I sleep better then anyone I know. I am a mean on-green sleeping machine. I just have a gift. You can call me a sleep wonder even.

As proud as I am of all of my sleep prowess, a good night sleep for me always begins with the right tools. No matter if you sleep well or sleep horribly, I think we can all agree that a top-notch mattress and pillow are absolutely essential to get a good night’s sleep. Given that we spend so much time sleeping and how important it is for out health, it’s not something that I (or anyone) should really skimp on.

If I don’t have the right pillow when I lay my head down, it just doesn’t feel right. I’m not a happy guy. Given my spoiled attitude toward pillows, I think it’s important for me to tell you the which pillow I am all about. TEMPUR®-Cloud Soft & Lofty Pillow is the way to go, seriously. This is just a really comfortable pillow that makes for a very peaceful night’s sleep. Period.

TEMPUR-Pedic Pillow-Fathers Day

Pillow Winning

Soft and Lofty Pillow is cushion-soft, for huggable comfort. The TEMPUR® microcushions perfectly cradle your head, neck and shoulders. So whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper, you’ll be perfectly comfortable.

Dude…it’s soft and lofty. How can you go wrong? Plus, it’s from TEMPUR®…which is always your best friend when it comes to your sleep. Here are some more details:

  • Filled with squeezable TEMPUR® micro cushions, 5 year limited warranty.
  • Returns to its lofty shape after each use
  • The support and conforming comfort that only TEMPUR® material delivers
  • 100% cotton quilted outside cover with 50% cotton/50% polyester backing
  • Soft and breathable
  • Removable and Washable
  • Queen and King sizes
  • Holds its shape, without flattening out, for years of use

Bottom line…it’s a great pillow. It has all you could ask for and then some. Plus, it lasts for a long time. It’s quality and a little bit of luxury that’s actually good for us, too. It’s a home run…and a no-brainer for that last minute Father’s Day gift!!

TEMPUR-Pedic Pillow-Fathers Day-Sleeping.JPG

Do It For Dad…He Helped Give Birth To You

Look at how happy this guy is to be sleeping. Ecstatic! Can’t get enough. Don’t you want this for yourself and someone you love? Hello…dad!

If a great night’s sleep and being forever in your debt for providing it isn’t enough, why don’t you completely blow dad’s mind with a #1 Dad pillow like the one I sport every night when I go to bed. A man needs to know his place in society and in the family food chain. After a long day…being #1 Dad is pretty sweet, man. It’s like winning the lotto or maybe playing with unicorns in a field of gold. Or something like that.

Are You A Sleep Winner?

Easy. Use the form below. Enter to win one of THREE TEMPUR-Cloud Soft & Lofty Pillow. Pass it along…share the gift of good sleep with a friend or a random stranger if that’s your thing.

TEMPUR-Cloud Soft & Lofty Pillow (3 Winners) – Guy and the Blog

To find out more about how you can be a sleep hero too…please check out:

This is a sponsored post. All love of a good night’s sleep and pillow opinions are my own.

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32 replies on “Father’s Day Freshness Alert: TEMPUR-Cloud Soft & Lofty Pillows! (PLUS GIVEAWAY) #Pillowperks”

This looks like a great pillow. My husband and I are so funny about the pillows we use. It took us forever to find pillows we love that don’t leave us with stiff necks.

I bet those pillows are amazing. I love a great pillow. I honestly have a bunch of them because I’m always switching up which pillow I want to use.

A good pillow is necessary. I love a good tempurpedic. Even my five year old won’t sleep without his beloved tempur pillow.

I love my memory pillow and my hubby told me that he would like to get a very good pillow sometime himself. I hope he gets it!

I think I’m a medium sleeper 🙂 I’ll wake up if there’s a thunderstorm going on but not for softer noises.

I am a very light sleeper and it seems I cant find a pillow to help me I sleep on my side and have not been able to find a good pillow to sleep on

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