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5 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working From Home

by Bill Sweeney
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You are working from home and being your own boss. It’s a wonderful experience to have, but with it comes unique challenges such as avoiding the temptation of leftover food in the fridge and delicious snacks in your pantry. You have to somehow maintain that work mentality while dealing with a schedule that is almost too flexible. Working from home can make it more difficult to stay healthy with all those temptations in your face, here’s how to stay fit when your home is also your place of employment.

  • Set a Timer For Breaks – if you don’t have a standing desk, then make it a point to stand up and get some movement every hour. Studies have shown that sitting for too long a period of time can decrease your metabolism, diminish heart health and even have an increased cancer risk. Setting a timer allows you to set a priority level to getting activity in throughout the day.
  • Maintain Boundaries – work from home professionals can get into workaholic mode and easily work more than they should. It’s easy to work through lunch and breaks when you don’t have coworkers breathing down your neck saying it’s lunch time. Learn to not eat at your desk, don’t work weekends and log hours to see just how many hours you are putting in daily.
  • Stock Your Kitchen – since you are working from home you will need to be very strict about what you have stocked in your kitchen for food. To avoid that sugary temptation only stock your kitchen with healthy food options so when it’s break time you will select healthier food options. This is an easy way to stay healthy when working from home.
  • Get Outside – since you are your own boss, take time to get outside every day that you are working from home. Getting fresh air, watching birds and soaking up some Vitamin D from the natural sunlight will help your health in many ways. Not only will getting outside keep you healthier, but it will boost your mind to be more productive during work from home hours.
  • Drink Water – always have a water bottle at your desk when working from home, this will help you to maintain proper water intake and keep your body refreshed. Many work from home professionals forget about water intake as other options are readily available in their kitchen. Be strict about having a water bottle at your desk to encourage proper water intake.

That’s my piece. I hope this list will help guide you towards making healthier choices as you work towards building your own success story. It takes time, but you will find what works best for you before you know it, then you’ll be even better off working at home!

5 Ways to Stay Healthy When Working From Home was last modified: June 15th, 2016 by Bill Sweeney

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